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BRASS Education Committee Meeting (Minutes) ALA Midwinter 2003 - Philadelhia, PA

 BRASS Education Committee


ALA Midwinter – Philadelphia

Jan. 26, 2003


Members present: Steve Cramer (recorder), Judith Faust, Ann Fiegen, Doug Highsmith, Glenn McGuigan, Michael Oppenheim, Dennis Smith (chair)


Members absent: Jennifer Boettcher (ex officio), Bill Kinyon, Beth Paskoff


Guests: Mark Andersen, Celia Ross, Gary White.



  1. 1.      Call to order


  1. 2.      Welcome and introductions


  1. 3.      There were no additions to the agenda.


  1. 4.      The minutes from Summer 2002 were approved.


  1. 5.      Committee Review


Mark Andersen, representing the BRASS ad hoc Section Review Committee, asked for comments on three questions:


a. Does this committee currently serve a useful purpose within RUSA and BRASS?


The members thought “yes”. The Best of the Best web site was one example given.


b. Does the work of our committee overlap with the work of another ALA/RUSA/BRASS/ committee?


The members thought “no”; BRASS Education complements other committees.


c. What could make BRASS better or more efficient?


There was a short discussion about having more presentations from vendors or vendor-sponsored receptions. It was noted that the BRASS Development Committee does some of that.


 6. Core Competencies for Business Reference


a. Announcements


Five are finished and are on the web. We have four to go.


Judith received permission to use terminology from MSU’s globalEDGE web site on the International Business page.


b. Accounting and Taxation


We reviewed email comments about this guide.

Should we make a new draft or just edit what we have?

Ann passed a short bibliography on the topic.

Should we add acronyms to the glossary?

Should it be academic or public in scope? Who is the intended audience? The original intention was to write these documents for small to medium-sized public libraries, in which the librarians don’t work with accounting and tax research everyday.

Should we split accounting from taxation within the document?

Should we include article databases, ex. Accounting and Tax Index?

Should we add associations?

Should it cover nonprofits?


How should we proceed?

--Let’s have a co-author do some serious re-editing.

--We should visit some public libraries to see what resources in accounting and taxation they have.

--Ann and Celia will work together on this rewrite.

--Dennis will contact Edythe, the original author.


c. Banking


We discussed the “Journals” section. Should we list the trade journals first? Should the Federal Reserve titles be listed separately?

Should there be a section on consumer complaints about banks/Better Business Bureau?

Should we add CCH titles?

Should it cover mortgages?

Should we keep the Thorndike encyclopedia of banking and financial tables?

Should we add the Thomson Bank Directory and the Mergent Bank Manual to the international section?


Michael will incorporate suggestions and present a new draft.


d. Others


Judith just finished a draft of the International Business document – please give her feedback on it.


Bill Kinyon is doing final edit on Company and Industry Research.


e. Consistency Issues


We decided to use the header “Important Terms”, not “Glossary”.

The Human Resources page doesn’t have any terms.

We should rename “Human Resources” to “Jobs and Human Resources”.


f. Maintaining the Pages


We decided to ask the editors of the “Best of the Best” pages to maintain the equivalent Core Competencies.



Finance and Investment—Dennis will look over (rename this “Investment and Finance”)


7. Best of the Best Business Web Sites


a. Assigned Pages


We accepted the list of assignments. Each page should have no more than 15 sites.


b. Fall Updates Completed


Ann passed out some proposed additions to the Knowledge Management guide – please send her feedback.


c. New Updates?


Doug discussed updates for Small Business and E-Commerce – please send him feedback.

Michael discussed updates for American Corporations.

We had a brief discussion about web sites that offer both free and fee-based content – should such sites be included?

For any updates, send the text to Dennis.


d. Other Issues?


We discussed having the list of links more prominent on the “Best of the Best” homepage. Dennis will talk to the ALA webmaster about this.


8. Old Business – none


9. Committee Meeting Procedures and Equipment Needs.


Given the high rental cost for projectors, we may just have a laptop for use at future meetings.


10. New Business – none


11. Review of Project Assignments


12. Adjournment