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Battle Decks and First Time Attendee

Hi Everyone,

My microphone stopped working 10 minutes into the meeting yesterday but I was able to listen. I just wanted to volunteer to some items that were on the list like Battle Decks and the First Time attendee.

I just wanted to throw out a suggestion for the First Time attendee: for the first time attendee program I know we were discussing something that was interactive, I wanted to throw out their could there be the possiblity of doing something with iClickers which are audience response/polling system. They are really easy to set up and use and collects data right to a computer that you  have it plugged into. At Berkeley College the librarians have been using these for almost 3 years with great results and the students love them. They are becoming very common in major universities too. Here's an article: http://tiny.cc/rze2j

This of course would require the conference getting iClickers.

Thanks again,



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Thanks for getting in touch with the group - sorry your connection cut out! As of now, I have that Tiffini and Helen will be working with Steve on the Battledecks - so guys, please bring Romel into the mix.  First-timers game is Gene and Helen.  Again, if there's something Romel can do, please bring him in.


Regarding the game, I think the consensus last week was to use a paper bingo-type card that might include some squares that ask participants to use technology (e.g. post a photo to flickr and tag it). The polling idea was tossed around, but may be difficult to manage, since the game takes place throughout the conference - I don't think we'd see the clickers again! But keep the ideas coming!


Thanks all for your participation!