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Meeting minutes, Midwinter 2011

ALA RUSA MAR Local Systems & Services Committee

Meeting Minutes, Midwinter 2011

January 9, 2011

  1. Review of the minutes of the June 2010 meeting
    • These were approved.
  2. Last-minute things for 1/9/11 discussion forum
    • Chanitra will be timekeeper and Matt will take notes at today’s forum
    • Possible questions to get discussion going:
      • Tips on managing stakeholders’ views in website changes so there is no uproar
      • How to present databases not included in discovery system
      • Do you still have federated search? Do you think you’ll continue to have it?
      • Impact on usage statistics for databases? Have you identified under-used dbs and seen any rise?
      • What advice would you give other places about re-designing home page when you put in a discovery layer?
      • Managing authentication
      • Feedback from users on the site
      • So much content – but not all. How do you clarify what’s missing and what’s in the layer/what’s not in it. Is this different than how you did this with a federated search system?
  3. Membership
    • We discussed whether committee members are required to rotate off after their second term, and thought that perhaps it was not required by MARS Executive Committee. The current chair would like to continue for one more year as chair, especially to continue the planning process for the Annual 2012 Program Proposal, and other members present did not express any opposition; she will check with Dianna McKellar (MARS Vice Chair). We also discussed recruiting new people; Carole said that since she will definitely not be continuing past her current term (which ends at Annual 2011) she did have someone she could recommend for membership on the committee.
  4. 2012 Program Proposal
    We discussed:
      • publishers’ power to kill the value of the discovery system as a tool (if they refuse to allow access to their content)effect on interlibrary loan/resource sharing, possible impact on e-books
      • We discussed possible themes for panelists on the 2012 Program if the proposal is accepted. Concerns related to discovery systems include:
      • We discussed recording the speakers and putting the recording on a website together with their slides.
      • We decided to ask Marshall Breeding to talk about discovery systems’ promise/big picture and to try to recruit another big name to talk about the issues as co-keynotes, but to let both Marshall and the other keynote speaker talk to each other and decide between themselves the issues they’d like to address; also so they know they’re not covering the same ground.
      • Still need to extend a formal invitation to Mark Dehmlow.
      • Carole suggested Peter Morville as the other co-keynote (University of Michigan, author of Ambient Findability) and the others liked her suggestion. She said she would follow up with people she knows at Michigan.
  5. Other

The committee also discussed proposing a discussion forum for Midwinter 2012, something not related to discovery systems. Ideas proposed included:

  • library guides (LibGuides, Library A La Carte, statewide systems)
    • working within Course Management Systems (Blackboard)
    • getting students to use them
    • usability testing on them
    • with portals (like the U of M’s)
    • How do you make people aware of a subject guide?
    • working with faculty
    • library instruction
  • learning commons
    • not as just physical space but reference desk and innovative learning environment. Partnerships with tutoring center, writing center. Libraries’ role. Technology and teaching centers. OIT. CTL. Is this where reference is going? Or can this be a place to revitalize reference? Ask-an-expert? Local services.
    • Have a focus on technology here. Leveraging partnerships on campus, like with technology. What is successful? What can we be aiming at for reference?
    • Partner with another committee? Virtual reference? Education, training & support.

The committee liked the learning commons idea and decided to move forward with it.

Submitted by Amy Fry, January 18, 2011.