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RBMS Seminars Committee Minutes for Nov. 16, 2010 virtual meeting

RBMS Seminars Committee

Virtual Meeting (via DimDim)
November 16, 2010, at 1:00-2:00 p.m. (CST)

Members present: Lynne Thomas (co-chair), Shannon Supple (co-chair), Jennifer Borderud, Anne Bahde, Gerald Cloud, Danielle Culpepper, Douglas Denne, Emily Epstein, Megan Lewis, Meg Meiman, Dennis Moser, Aislinn Sotelo
Members absent: Martha Lawler, Donia Conn, Agnes Widder
Guest: Jackie Dooley


  1. After valiant attempts to solve persistent and pesky technical troubles with Dim Dim, Lynne and Shannon called the meeting to order. Unfortunately, the service only allowed 10 participants at a time, and the VOIP aspect did not work for most users. Lynne and Shannon made it work with a combination of members calling in and sharing a conference call, and members that could hear and type but not speak to the others. Lynne typed summaries of the action for present members that could not hear. Dennis kindly offered to record the session so others could listen later.
  2. After roll call and selection of recorder, Dennis moved to approve the committee minutes from the ALA Annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Doug seconded; the minutes were approved.
  3. Status Reports on Seminar Sessions for the 2011 Preconference:
    • Seminar A: Assessing Special Collections Public Services by Gerald. Gerald reported that the seminar description had not, to his knowledge, changed much from what was currently on the wiki. Christian Dupont is organizing the seminar and possible presenters still include Christian, Jennifer Schaffner, Jackie Dooley, and Shannon Bowen. Shannon Supple said that she had been in contact with the Preconference Planning Committee and that she and Lynne had been asked to treat this as a complementary session to a plenary and to schedule it on Thursday after the plenary on Wednesday. Not much yet is known about the content of that plenary. Gerald will liaise with Christian to ascertain progress, hopefully to be nailed down by Midwinter. Jackie Dooley reported a possible speaking conflict. Shannon reminded members that there will be 8 seminars this year, in 2 slots with 4 to a slot.
    • Seminar B: Cataloging and Security by Aislinn. Aislinn reported that Nina Schneider will be moderating this session, and is organizing it. She has lined up three speakers: Randy Brandt, Ellen Cordes, and Steven Galbraith.
    • Seminar C: Hidden Collection and Small Institutions/Budgets by Jennifer and Dennis. Three speakers have been arranged: Ann Myers, Melissa Hubbard, and Anna Ferris. The seminar will be generally case studies that present innovative cataloging solutions to exposing hidden collections done by smaller institutions. Dennis asked that the title be changed to “Hidden Collections and Small Budgets.”
    • Seminar D: Pecha Kucha by Danielle and Anne. The topic for this format will be teaching with the “stuff” of our profession. A call for proposals was put out on ExLibris, RBMS, and several other listservs, and a number of very strong and interesting proposals were received. There will be eight presenters, which will allow for 50 minutes of presentations, 30 minutes for discussion, and 10 for introductions/settling. The organizers are meeting later today to determine the final lineup of presenters.
    • Seminar E: “I’d Like a Copy of This: Patron-Initiated Request Infrastructure” by Shannon. The organizer is Jen Schaffner, and she is looking for three speakers to speak about streamlining photography and scanning requests. One will be Alice Schreyer or someone from the University of Chicago, speaking about their experiences with their new workflow coordinating with their ILL unit. Jennifer is looking for someone from a smaller institution to report on a workflow that might work for smaller staffs. The third speaker will likely be Jennifer Schaffner herself, who can report on the recommendations of her working group and offer context for the workflows shared by the other panelists. Jackie Dooley reminded members that the RLG partnership working group has two reports on this topic: Capture and Release, released earlier in 2010 about best practices for digital camera in the reading room, and Scan and Deliver, about scanning practices, soon to be released. These can be found on OCLC’s website -- http://www.oclc.org/research/activities/photoscan/default.htm.  
    • Seminar F: Digital Intermediation of Physical Stuff: How Technology Influences the Movement of Books from Bookseller to Curator to Cataloger to Professor by Doug and Dennis. The moderator for this will be Michael Inman. Three speakers have been arranged: Heather Cole, James Ascher, and Andrew Gaub.
    • Seminar G: Diversity Seminar by Meg and Megan. This seminar will examine diversity in collection development, outreach, and cataloging practices. Three speakers will be: Melissa Conway, Jennifer Abraham, and Chris Harter. The organizers are looking at adding a fourth speaker; Shannon cautioned that this can be a significant time issue and that the moderator will need to keep speakers to their time limits if a fourth speaker is added. This fourth may be a bookseller; Jackie Dooley suggested Bolerium Books in San Francisco. The organizers are working on finding a moderator and a punchier title.
    • Seminar H: Next Generation Library Catalogs by Aislinn. Three speakers will be presenting. Jackie Dooley will be one; Aislinn might be another, based on a genre terms project with Brad Westbrook she is beginning; and organizers are looking at someone from the Library of Congress to talk about their new federated searching, or perhaps the Smithsonian Institution. Among other topics, this seminar will be looking at special files and how their original local purpose changes in a networked environment.
  4. Shannon asked committee members to update the committee wiki with any information as it evolves: http://wikis.ala.org/acrl/index.php/RBMS/Seminars_Committee. An agenda for the Midwinter meeting will be going out shortly. The Seminars Committee has requested an internet connection at Midwinter so that members who cannot be present for the Midwinter meeting can participate virtually, perhaps via Skype; however, we are awaiting confirmation on whether our request has been granted. A discussion of hashtags for the committee meeting at Midwinter ensued, with Jackie encouraging use of a broader tag to reach more people.
  5. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Anne Bahde, supplemented with an audio recording courtesy of Dennis Moser.