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Post-Midwinter Meeting Committee Report

Form D.2, Post-Midwinter Meeting/Annual Conference Committee Report

Please check one:

 Annual Conference Report                                                X Midwinter Meeting Report


Name of Committee:                                      Intellectual Freedom Committee

Priority Group Area and Number:      Priority Group I - Child Advocacy


Priority Group Consultant:                 Michael P. Santangelo


Committee Chair:                                Bruce Farrar                Date: January 8, 2011


Members Attending:

Terry Borzumato-Greenberg, Holiday House, NY

Jennifer M. Duffy, Kingsgate Library, WA

Bruce Farrar, Harris County Public Library, TX

Erlene Bishop Killeen, Stoughton Area School District, WI

Andrea R. Milano, Multnomah County Library OR

Mary E. Schreiber, Cuyahoga County Public Library, OH


Member Absent:

Deborah L. Wright, Newport News Public Library System, VA



Michael P. Santangelo, Priority Group I Consultant

Julie Corsaro, President

Mary Fellows, Vice President/President-Elect

Carrie Banks (at break)


The Chair urged all Committee Members to get on ALA Connect, but said that as a backup he would also send out all reports and correspondence by e-mail.


Everyone read the latest draft of the ALSC 2012-2017 Strategic Plan. We discussed it and concluded that ALSC is focusing on the right strategic issues, however what we found missing was any mention of Net Neutrality and the impact on intellectual freedom that the elimination of professionally trained school librarians will have on the students in those schools.


We saw these items in the draft strategic plan these areas to be of particular interest to our committee primarily in the Goal Area of Education, training children’s librarians in intellectual freedom, but also in the Five-year Assumptions about the Future

  • Social Values and Demographics numbers 17 and 18
  • Legislation and Regulatory Environment numbers 2, 3, 4


The specific strategies and activities we would you like to see implemented within the goals and objectives of the plan are:


  • We would like a perennial program slot for a youth division to present an intellectual freedom program at each ALA Annual Conference. We also recommend the same at each Divisional National Conference where it is applicable.


  • We recommend leveraging the prestige of the Youth Media Awards to promote ALSC and the other youth divisions and ALA as the experts that parents and caregivers will turn to for advice on what’s good for their children to read.


We took a short break after the discussion of the strategic plan. During the break Carrie Banks stopped by to talk briefly to the members still at the table about the work of Library Service to Special Population Children and Their Caregivers Committee and to remind us not to leave service to special populations out of our intellectual freedom consideration.


After the break we discussed privacy. Since most committee members are new this year we assigned ourselves as our first task to educate ourselves on the subject as it related to intellectual freedom and children and libraries.


We then began to brainstorm how we could help publicize the upcoming Choose Privacy Week May 1-7, 2011. Terry Borzumato-Greenberg volunteered to be recipient of ideas, and to get the word out to the publishers’ community. Since time is short this will be our top priority after Midwinter.


The other issue that we discussed with President Corsaro, Vice President Fellows and consultant Santangelo was the absence of an intellectual freedom program for youth librarians at the upcoming Annual Conference in New Orleans. At the joint meeting yesterday with the AASL Intellectual Freedom Committee and the YALSA intellectual freedom Interest Group we learned that, breaking with tradition, the AASL Program Committee had not approve the program planned by the AASL Intellectual Freedom Committee.


After the meeting the Chair will communicate with the AASL Chair and Co-Conveners about programs. Everyone will cram their heads with Privacy ideas and share them with the rest of the Committee.




Bruce Farrar                                                                                        January 11, 2011

Signature of person reporting                                                                date