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2006 Annual O & B Minutes

ALCTS Organization and Bylaws Committee

2006 ALA Annual Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana

Royal Sonesta Hotel, Teche Room

Sunday, June 25, 2006

1:30-5:00 p.m.


Present: Dustin Larmore (chair); Patricia Adams (AS); Anton J. Olson (CCS); Suzanne Clement (CMDS); Beth Schobernd ( PARS); Lori Osmus Kappmeyer (SS); Nancy Singleton (CRG); Dale Swensen (at-large)




Approval of minutes from the January 2006 meeting

The minutes were unanimously approved.


Assignment of minutes

Dale Swensen was to take the minutes of this meeting.


News from the ALCTS Board meeting

Dustin reported on major items discussed at the ALCTS Board meeting on Saturday. The  Young Leaders Initiative was discussed. ALA offered free conference registration to 1400 members from the Hurricane Katrina region. The ALCTS Strategic Plan was approved. The Non-English Access Task Force presented a report. Dale is supposed to attend the Board meeting on Tuesday when the new Board takes over, but has to leave before then. Dustin will attend the Tuesday meeting.


Review of the ALCTS Technical Services Administrators of Medium-sized Research Libraries Discussion Group

Nancy distributed copies of her report of this discussion group, together with the self-study review questionnaire completed by Elizabeth Brice, chair of the group. The aim of this group is to provide a forum for technical services managers from library with annual collection budgets of at least $600,000 and total holdings of at least 1,000,000 volumes to discuss issues relevant to their jobs. Tony questioned the accuracy of the budget figure, since it seemed so low for a library designated as “medium-sized.” Nancy confirmed that it was correct as written in the group’s charge. The committee agreed that this discussion group fills an important role and should be continued.


Action needed:

Inform the ALCTS Board and the chair of the Discussion Group.


Review of MARBI

Dale presented a report on MARBI, with a self-study questionnaire completed by the chair, Martha Yee. MARBI is a nine-member interdivisional committee, with three members each from ALCTS, LITA, and RUSA. Assignment of the chair rotates among the three divisions. It serves as a component of the U.S. MARC Advisory Committee, which recommends changes to the MARC 21 formats to the Library of Congress. The committee agreed that ALCTS should maintain its position in MARBI.


Action needed:

Inform the ALCTS Board and the chair of MARBI.


Review of the Membership Committee

Pat gave her report on the ALCTS Membership Committee. She confirmed the important role the committee plays and recommended continuation. The committee all agreed. Pat reported that the committee posts its minutes on the web site, but has apparently not filed reports with the ALCTS Office. It was also noted that the Membership Committee has focused some of its recruitment activities on specific groups: support staff, archivists, students, and law librarians. The committee agreed that we should remind the Membership Committee of its responsibility to submit reports following their meetings and also suggest public librarians as another potential target group for membership.


Action needed:

Inform the ALCTS Board and the chair of the Membership Committee.


Communicating the Results of Reviews

We spent some time discussing the responsibility of O&B to communicate the results of our reviews. The chair of the committee will report the results to the ALCTS Board at the Tuesday meeting. Once the Board has approved our recommendations, the group under review should be informed. We all agreed this should be the responsibility of  the review coordinator assigned to the particular group in question.


Acquisitions Section Charge

A request for an amendment to the Acquisitions Section charge that was presented at Midwinter was voted upon and accepted. Tony raised the question as to whether this should now be the process by which sections make changes to their charges. There is nothing in the ALCTS manual to address this issue, but we all agreed something should be added.


Action needed:

Take our recommendation to the ALCTS Board.


Interest Group Review

Lori checked with LITA to see what they do to review interest groups. LITA has an officer called the Interest Group Coordinator, whose job it is to monitor these groups and schedule regular reviews. The question was brought up as to whether we should designate a member of our committee to fill that function. No decision was made, but we all agreed that a procedure for interest group review needs to be drafted. We also discussed ways to deal with interdivisional interest groups, but agreed to resolve the problem of how to proceed with interest groups in general first.


Action needed:

Lori has gather a considerable amount of information on interest group review from LITA, but she is going off O&B after the conference. Dustin agreed to draft an application form for interest group renewal based on the material Lori has gathered.


Review of the LITA/ALCTS Technical Services Workstation Discussion Group

Lori presented the report on this group. The chair of this discussion group is LITA member, but does not belong to ALCTS. She has been the chair for several years and has difficulty finding someone willing to take her place. The group submitted an application for renewal to LITA last year. The attendance at their meeting at Midwinter was only five people. The members of O&B felt that topic of this group might be outdated and that ALCTS should withdraw its name from this group in its current standing. The group could, however, apply for interest group status in ALCTS if there were enough interested members in ALCTS.


Action needed:

This needs to be communicated to the ALCTS Board and the resulting decision should be communicated to the LITA chair.


Revision of ALCTS Bylaws

Discussion continued on revisions that need to be made to the ALCTS bylaws. ALCTS President Rosann Bazirjian and others have suggested the removal of the section names from Article X, to avoid the necessity of polling the entire membership when a section wishes to change its name. Pat mentioned that the Serials Section was somewhat uncomfortable about this because it seemed to undercut the importance of the sections. They wondered if the sections could be identified in an appendix as an alternative. All agreed that some amendment needs to be made to facilitate changes when needed. Dale agreed to draft a statement of rational for removing the section names.


Action needed:

Dale will draft the statement, which probably needs to be brought before the Board by email before Midwinter if it is to get on the ballot by 2007.



Schedule and Assignments for Upcoming Reviews

The committee reviewed the schedule for upcoming committee and discussion group reviews. The suggestion was made that interest groups be scheduled on a different list since the process will be different. Three groups will come up for review in 2006/2007. Coordinators were assigned for these groups as follows:

International Relations Committee - Suzanne Clement

Newspaper Discussion Group - Beth Schobernd

Role of the Professional in Academic Research Technical Services Departments Discussion Group - Tony Olson