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RUSA Bylaws review

The attached is a copy of the RUSA bylaws with the sections for review marked with the name of the reviewer (from the Fall Leadership meeting). Could you all please review your sections of the bylaws and post any suggested comments or changes as comments to this post. Gary, for the sections on the Board and the RUSA Sections, we talked about asking the board members or section leadership to also look at these and send comments, so if you would contact them. I will make this a public document so that anyone can read and comment. Let's see if we can get this done by the end of January so that if there are any changes that we want to make we can start the process of getting them made. Thanks!

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Most of Article XIII looks fine.  The only suggestion for updating deals with the voting.  Perhaps we should omit any specific example of voting mechanism so that we don't have to revise as technology changes.  The current wording mentions the post and email.  Possible revision:


Article XIII. Amendments
Section 3.    

VOTING. Amendments to the bylaws require a vote by members.  The ALA Executive Director shall be responsible for ensuring the integrity of the ballot and will determine the appropriate means of polling members. Bylaws amendments shall be passed by a majority of those voting.

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Again most of this article seems ok.  Just a could of minor changes to section 3 again dealing with the mechanism of voting.

Article VII. Meetings

Section 3.  MEMBERSHIP VOTES. Votes, both of the Division and of the Board of Directors. may be authorized by the Board between meetings. For votes by the Board of Directors, three-fourths of the voting membership of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum, and a three-fourths majority of those voting shall be required to carry. For votes by the Division, twenty-five percent of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum and a majority of those voting shall be required to carry.

The Board of Directors shall have authority to set the time limit during which votes will be recorded, but if no such time limit is set no vote shall be counted unless received within 30 days from the day the text of the ballot or question voted upon was sent, properly addressed to those entitled to vote on the matter involved. In the case of a Division-wide vote, the Board of Directors may designate publication of the ballot or question submitted in the official organ of the Division as the appropriate method of submitting the matter to the members for their determination.

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If in the future, as now, the secretary is responsible for minute taking during board meetings then this should be noted in the bylaws.  This will make clarify the secretary's responsiblities to those you may be considering running for the office.


The Secretary shall be responsible for the preparation of Executive and Board Committee minutes and shall carry out such other duties as may be designated by the president and the Board of Directors.

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I agree that this should indicate that the secretary is indeed responsible for the minutes of both the Executive CommitteeMeetings -- including the Fall Leadership committee meeting  and the Board meetings

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Should we include readers' advisory after "reference and information services" in the first sentence?

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b. Personal and organization members shall receive the periodical publications of the Division.


It should read: organizational NOT organization

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d. The dues schedule shall be reviewed at least every three years at the discretion of the Board of Directors


This has not been done sincehave been on the  Board -- that means it is overdue. -- It is something that shoudl be put into the calender to make sure it is done.  We may need to initiate this review before Annual.

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In Section 1 -- it says:

Any group of 25 or more members of the Division interested in discussing common problems which fall within the purposes of the Division may form a discussion group upon written petition from the group to the Committee on Organization and upon approval by the Board of Directors or to an appropriate section within RUSA


the Committee of Organization's name had been changed to the Organization and Planning Committee and it shodul be refelcted as the correct name in this document



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In order to continue, each discussion group shall petition for reestablishment every five years, following the procedure outlined in this Section.


This should be added to a calendar as something to do -- However the Division itself does not have any discussion Groups so this falls to the sections and probably the Organization and Planning Committee to make sure it is done.

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Section 3

Section 3.    OFFICERS. Each group shall elect a chairperson annually at the Annual Conference of the American Library Association. The chairperson shall keep a roster of the members of the group, be responsible for all communication with them, preside at meetings of the group during the next year and make a report to the President of RUSA after each meeting.


The report to the RUSA president by discussion groups IS NOT happening.  I question if indeed we want this becasue the Division does not have any discussion groups. Again this is a Section Activity.

Since the Division does not have any Discussion Groups perhaps this should  be moved to the sections section?


However I woudl like to keep how you create a Discussion Group -- becasue it suggests that Division Discussion Groups can be created  but the reportig seems to need to be made at the section leve lnot he Division level.


How do you all feel about this?

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Article IX. Sections

in C --Change Organization Committee. to Organization and Planning Committee