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Post Midwinter Meeting Conference Report

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Hello Membership committee!

I apologize for not making the meeting - I was at the conference in my Odyssey Award meeting Sunday morning. This is a great post conference report - thanks, Charlene!

Just a few comments: I really like Amy's idea of sending emails to new members instead of postcards for a couple of reasons. I think the members would be more likely to respond if they could just hit "reply" instead of taking the postcard to a mobile device, typing in my email address (if they can read it). Which leads me to my second reason: my handwriting is illegible and writing the cards was physically challenging for me. I guess my hand strength just isn't what is was in grade school!

I would love to take part in ALSC 101. Does that typically take place on the Thursday night before the conference? If so, I will make arrangements to be there that evening. Thanks for chairing the event, Gaye, and please let me know how I may be of assistance.