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Creating a List of Conference Sessions You Attended

Once conference is over, you might want to go back in to your schedule to mark the sessions that you attended so that you’ll always be able to find them again as a handy list. You could also use this as an easy-to-produce handout in a report or for your supervisor. Since the conference schedulers will remain online, the list will also help you find that one session you know you attended on Saturday two years ago for which you can’t remember the name of the presenter or the group that sponsored it.

To create your list of attended sessions, just do the following:

  1. Go to the Conference Scheduler for the event.
  2. Go to “My Schedule.”
  3. Visit the individual record for each session you attended. Towards the top of the record, you’ll see an option for “I attended this session.” If the circle with the checkmark is gray, it’s not marked as attended.
  4. To mark it as attended, click ont he gray circle to turn it green.

  5. Once you’ve marked all of your sessions as attended, go to the “Attended Sessions” link in the right-hand column. You’ll always be able to refer back to this page, but you can also use your browser’s print button if you need to make a paper copy of it.

Use the links in the upper right-hand corner to print the full view of your attended sessions or to download a PDF version.

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REALLY COOL! for those of us needing documentation of CE.  Bravo!

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Just one more feature that's making Connect a one-stop shop for all of us.

Thanks, as always!

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Thanks! This helped with the documentation for MPOW.

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So helpful!