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ALA/EBSS Membership and Orientation Committee Minutes, Midwinter, 2011

ALA/EBSS Membership and Orientation Committee Minutes

Education and Behavioral Sciences Section
Association of College and Research Libraries
ALA Virtual Midwinter Meeting
Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 3:00 - 4:00 pm (Eastern time)

Note: The meeting was held virtually using free teleconferencing software.

Submitted by: Linda Hofschire

Members Present: Scott Collard (Chair), Tobeylynn Birch, Ann Brownson, Cheryl Goldenstein, Linda Hofschire, Nancy O'Brien, Dottie Persson, Andrew Revelle, Deborah L. Schaeffer, Hazel Walker

Guests: Ericka Raber, Jennifer Harvey, Dana S. Peterman, Irene Ke, Arlene Salazar, Jenny Innes

I.    Welcome and Introductions

II.    Midwinter social in San Diego

  1. As of January 4, there are 134 EBSS registrants for Midwinter but only 2 groups meeting. Because of this, it was decided that the social will be a happy hour combined with the Dutch treat dinner. Scott and Dana will work on setting a time/location. Promotions for the event will emphasize that attendees can come just for the happy hour.

III.    Membership updates

  1. Numbers: Across September, October, and November, membership has remained relatively stable, just below 800. There should be a bump in renewals in the spring because of the ACRL conference.
  2. Letter/Surveys: No one who has dropped their EBSS membership recently has completed the survey. Therefore, it was decided that a better approach would be to ask new EBSS members why they joined. Their responses could be used in the brochure. A link to this survey, as well as information about the buddy program, will be added to the new member letter. Dottie, Jennifer, Ann, Irene, and Arlene will help develop the new survey. Newer members will draft the questions; older members will review them.

IV.    Outreach and retention programs

  1. Buddies program (see http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NYH2YVY): This program has been piloted for about a year. Currently there are nine pairs. There was a discussion about whether this program's goals need to be revisited. It was started with a retention goal, but meeting attendees expressed interest in using the program for networking opportunities, mid-career help, and to find other members who could serve as sounding boards. Attendees also proposed renaming the program, perhaps along the lines of "colleague-to-colleague." Some questioned whether this type of program already existed elsewhere in EBSS, or in ACRL/ALA. Scott requested further input on this matter prior to the next executive board meeting.
  2. Brochure text revisions: Revisions to the brochure text should be submitted to Scott by the end of January. In particular, some of the committee titles need to be updated. Ericka will make suggestions regarding how to make the brochure less text heavy. Andy will redo the logo so that it is editable. Ericka may provide a quote for the brochure. She mentioned that EBSS is "a very professional, smaller community that seems to be home for many of its members." Dana will also provide a quote for the brochure.

V.    Mid-semester meeting

  1. Scott will create a doodle poll to determine a date/time for the meeting, likely in early March.

VI.    Meeting review

  1. Members agreed that the conference call format works well for virtual meetings.

VII. Action Items:

  1. Determine time/location for Midwinter Happy Hour/ Dutch Treat Dinner asap (Scott and Dana)
  2. Create survey for new member letter by end of January (Dottie, Ann, Jennifer, Irene, Arlene)
  3. Give input to Scott about possible changes to the buddy program before the next executive board meeting (in early March) (All members/guests)
  4. Submit brochure text and logo revisions to Scott by end of January (Andy, Ericka, all other members/guests)
  5. Create doodle poll to determine date of mid-semester meeting asap (Scott)