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Why Transliteracy? - 2011 Session

The Transliteracy IG has two sessions at Annual the first is general titled Why Transliteracy

Session Description: The skills needed to be an active participant in today's society are rapidly evolving. Literacy is changing, more is needed than the ability to read and write. This session will explore the theoretical aspects of transliteracy, explaining why it is important and how it is tied to libraries. We will look at transliteracy from the varying perspectives caused by serving different different populations including schools, universities and the public.Update: Saturday June 26th, 2011 1:30 – 3:30Convention Center – Rm 278-282

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If there are any specific issues or questions you would like the speakers to address please let us know. 

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Will you be posting slideshows/handouts?  If so, where can I find them?  I wasn't able to attend your session but am very interested in the topic!

Blog NEW URL: http://librarieslearnlead.blogspot.com/

Hayley Elece McEwing, M.L.I.S. http://librarieslearnlead.blogspot.com/ Children's Librarian www.LibraryVisit.org

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The slides from the presentation can be seen here http://librariesandtransliteracy.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/why-transliteracy-at-ala11/ in addition to a link to a write up on the topic.  Please remember that slides are not meant to stand on their own without the speaker.