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Invitation to LOCKSS-USDOCS network

Greetings GODORT colleagues! I'd like to extend the invitation to join the LOCKSS-USDOCS project to all of you and your libraries.

Build the Digital Federal Depository Library Program

 Preserve citizen access to government information

 Harness powerful community collaboration

Join LOCKSS-USDOCS trusted network

The US Government Printing Office, Stanford University Library’s Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe (LOCKSS) Program, and depository libraries across the country are building a digital implementation of the Federal Depository Library Program. All titles available through the FDsys system (http://fdsys.gpo.gov/) are currently being preserved.


1. Collaboratively insure the preservation of born-digital documents; over 95% of all government documents are born-digital.

2. Build digital collections and infrastructure, and develop digital expertise for your library.

3. Control your current and future costs of digital document preservation by becoming actively involved in both process and implementation. Participation costs are low; the benefits of preserving unfettered document access are immeasurable.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested and/or have questions about the project.

We look forward to hearing from you!

James Jacobs (jrjacobs@stanford.edu)

Government Documents Librarian

Stanford University


For more on the digital Federal Depository Library Program, see:

"Distributed Globally, Collected Locally: LOCKSS for Digital Government Information" Daniel Cornwall and James R. Jacobs. Against the Grain, 21(1) February, 2009. p.42-44.

LOCKSS-USDOCS: best practices for preserving digital government information. Presentation, Best Practices Exchange 2010.

Preservation for all: LOCKSS-USDOCS and our digital future. James Jacobs and Victoria Reich, Stanford University Libraries. Documents to the People (DttP) Volume 38:3 (Fall 2010).