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Conference Scheduler Update

As you might guess, we saw a surge of usage on Monday (January 3) when many (most?) attendees started creating their schedules for Midwinter. In fact, there were so many simultaneous users that the server got bogged down again and pageloads were pretty slow.

The reason for this is that everyone's trying to load all 1,137 sessions in the "all sessions" view, along with their recommendations, priorities, and the status of the "add/added" button on every session. Even though Connect is running on a brand new server with dual Intel processors, faster hard drives, and 16GB of RAM, that's still a lot for it to try to do while also maintaining the rest of Connect's group-based services (which are also seeing heavier usage because of Midwinter).

In order to speed things up so that attendees could create schedules, we ended up having to disable the "add/added" button, priority icons, and recommendation stars on the browse/search pages that list sessions. They still appear on the "my schedule" and "my recommended sessions" pages, but you'll have to go to an individual session to add or prioritize it, as well as change the priority on it. I'm really sorry we had to do this - it's killing me - but we couldn't make major changes to the code and the interface this close to Midwinter and guarantee that no bugs would creep up.

Since we know Annual will have hundreds more sessions and probably three times as many users, we're planning some major infrastructure upgrades for this spring so that this doesn't happen again.

Please let me know if you have questions about how to do something in the Scheduler.