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Membership Committee Meeting I - ALAMW11

Membership Committee DRAFT Agenda
2011 Midwinter Meeting – San Diego

Sunday 09 January 2010
4:00p - 5:30pm, SDCC-Room 24 B

 Kay Cassell, Chair
John Chrastka and Cathleen Bourdon, Staff Liaisons

Membership Statistics – Discussion
MB 11m.1 - Statistics   
A report on the end-of-year (2010) and year-to-date (2011) membership statistics and projections to the end of the fiscal year. 

Retired Members Round Table (RMRT) – Resolution (Refer to Council)
MB 11m.2 - Resolution 
A Resolution for Council recognizing the steering committee members responsible for the creation of the Retired Members Round Table

ALTAFF organizational membership – Discussion
MB 11m.3 - ALTAFF Overview
Briefing on the action taken at the Fall 2010 ALA Executive Board meeting establishing a special pilot program for ALTAFF friends groups and boards.

Membership Goals
Discussion of the following documents and the impact each may have on membership goals for the association: 

Young Librarians Task Force Progress Report – MB 11m.4a
2015 Strategic Plan (Membership Goals) – MB 11m.4b
White Paper on ALA Midwinter – MB 11m.4c

Skeleton Schedule for Annual 2011– Vote
MB  11m.5 – Skeleton Schedule
Set meeting times for Annual Conference 2011 in New Orleans

Division and Round Table Open Forum
Representative from divisions and round tables are invited to bring concerns or comments to the committee