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Skeleton Schedules: AC2011 Change and 2012

At each Midwinter Meeting, the ALA Executive Board approves the skeleton schedules for the following year -- i.e., 2012 skeleton schedules are approved at MW2011.  Once approved, any changes to the skeleton schedules must also be approved by the ALA Executive Board.

We have customarily asked the ALA Conference Committee to review these schedules prior to approval by the ALA Executive Board -- so that the Board has the benefit of additional eyes and minds prior to approval.

The skeleton schedules (AC2011 and 2012MW and AC) are attached, along with the cover memo to the ALA Executive Board.

You may want to read the skeletons on screen.  (They will print horizontally on legal size paper.) 

Let me know if you have questions.  (Sometimes things aren't as clear as I think they are!)