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San Diego Mid-WInter Meeting--Committee Agenda, Draft #2

ACRL/LLAMA Interdivisional Committee on Building Resources

Sunday, January 9, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Hilton, Aqua 305

 Committee Charge:

 To continuously update the Academic Library Building Design:  Resources for Planning.  The wiki, designed to be used for planning library buildings and learning spaces. To gather existing resources such as those available from ACRL, ARL, LLAMA, EDUCAUSE, and other organizations as appropriate. To suggest additional tools as appropriate that might help those planning library and learning spaces.  To scan related professional organizations annually to determine and implement the most effective and appropriate places and methods for promotion of the guide. If resources are needed requests must be made to the ACRL and LLAMA Boards.


 Tentative Agenda:

 Progress reports and future activities based on the work plan set at the 2010 annual conference:


1. Continuous updating of wiki: 


         Ann - photos, key additional resources & overall wiki maintenance

         Charles - Intro and considerations

         Felice - User Studies 

         Drew - Space planning

         Susan - Furniture, fixtures, etc.

         Mary - new green section  (Include LLAMA-BES statement, etc.)

2. Improving the wiki’s searchability by changing the wiki’s name to:

Academic Library Building Design:  Resources for Planning.  Sponsored by ACRL/LLAMA (Ann)

3. Doing more publicity:  provide the link to the wiki at EDUCAUSE, LLAMA/BES, ACRL, AIA, and possible USGBC and other sites.  (Wasn’t really assigned to anyone if I recall correctly, and probably should be.)

 4. Consider including a section that would address space issues and quantitative standards.  Consider frequently asked space/quantitative standards questions that  Mary Jane will provide.  (Mary Jane)

 5.      Other

a.      Strategic Planning:  Attached to this email  is what I turned in to ACRL regarding its Strategic Planning. It basically reflects the committee’s meeting minutes taken by Susan.  (Thank you, Susan.)  It doesn’t quite fit the format that ACRL would like, but it does reflect that our committee is active and working on a continuing assignment. Strategic planning may warrant some discussion….since ACRL would like a strategic planning document yearly, but the leadership of the committee alternates from year to year.  What does LLAMA expect?  How do other interdivisional committees work?

b.  Survey of Academic Library Space Use and Construction Plans  (http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AcademicLibraryReDesign) Mary Jane asks that the committee take a look at the questions and make recommendations as to which (if any) might be worth including in a future survey as part of ACRL Trends & Statistics. (The Trends & Statistics Committee will also be reviewing this.) .

c.    ??????  (Please send your suggestions and I will include them here.)