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Minutes - Annual 2010 Washington DC

Minutes - Heads of Library Technology (HoLT) Interest Group
ALA Annual Conference
Sunday, June 27, 2010
10:30- AM - 12:00 PM
Washington Hilton - Independence Room

  1. Introductions and Announcements
    1. Purpose of HoLT – The Heads of Library Technology Interest Group (HoLT) provides a forum and support network for people with administrative responsibility for computing and technology in a library setting. HoLT provides timely programming for the ALA Annual  Conference
    2. Mark Stoffan introduced the officers – present and past
    3. We went around the room for brief introductions.  Attendees are as follows:
  • Stu Baker, Northeastern University
  • Howard Spivak, Brooklyn College
  • Rob Calvorzi, Westchester Library System
  • Ed Sanchez, Marquette University
  • Mark Stoffan, Florida State University
  • Nackil Sung, Eastern Illinois University
  • Julian Clark, Howard County (MD) Library
  • Anna Turner, Tulsa Public Library
  • Jane Mandelbaum, Library of Congress
  1. Mark mentioned the email list – http://lists.ala.org/wws/info/lita-holt
  2. Mark mentioned the Website – http://www.lita.org/ala/mgrps/divs/lita/litamembership/litaigs/headsoflibtech/headslibrary.cfm
  3. Ed mentioned that program slides and additional information will be posted to the HoLT ALA Connect page.  It will continue to be the best place to stay up to date with HoLT matters  – http://connect.ala.org/node/66223.
  4. LITA and HoLT Business
    1. Program for ALA Annual, Emerging Technologies:  Virtualization in Libraries, is scheduled for Monday, June 29th 10:30am – 12:00pm.  Ed Sanchez informed the group that all panelists are in town and prepared for the session. 
    2. The 3-Year Interest Group Renewal Petition approved at Mid-Winter with no changes, has been accepted and approved by LITA.
    3. The Open House this year was poorly attended in general but our table was one of the most visited and had lively discussion.  Keep up the good work!
    4. Joint Chairs Committee Report.  Membership is down across the board.  Ways to increase involvement with LITA were discussed in particular with respect to getting the word out to younger IT folks.  A new registration level was announced in response to economic conditions.
    5. Stu Baker was nominated and unanimously approved as next year’s Vice Chair/Chair elect.
    6. LITA Town Meeting on Monday at 8:00 AM, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Room 151 A/B
    7. LITA National Forum, September 30th – October 3rd, Atlanta GA
    8. HoLTTalk
      1. The group developed the following potential topics for the program in 2011.
  • Cloud computing
  • Identity management
  • Project management
  • Doing more with less
  • Mobile computing