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Agenda for 2011 midwinter meeting in San Diego

Hi all.

As you may know, Galen Charlton and I are serving as co-chairs of OSS IG this year. I realize this group is fully capable of working without an agenda ;-)  but Galen and I have tossed around a few ideas and I'd be interested to know what others have on their minds. 

Would it be good to have one structured presentation (however informal) to help stimulate discussion?  One idea (from Galen, I think) is to have someome speak on the current status OLE project. Is there anyone in our group who could do that?

Other topics might include the eXtensible Catalog, Solr-based discovery services, and Drupal. Of course there are many other OSS applications to chose from, this are just the ones that occur to me at the moment.

Having helped draft a kind of strategic plan, one question I had is whether it's worth exploring a joint-venture ALA program with another IG or LITA committe. No rush, obviously, but maybe something to think about.

Most importantly, though, it would be good to know what other IG members consider most urgent or interesting in the world of OSS.