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ALCTS CRCC Monday Update Forum -- Midwinter 2011

Please join us at ALA Midwinter:

ALCTS Continuing Resources Section Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee Update Forum


Date: Monday, Jan. 10th, 2011

Time: 1:30 pm-3:30 pm

Location: San Diego Convention Center RM 11A


There will be brief updates from representatives of the ISSN Center, the Library of Congress and CONSER Program, and CC:DA, followed by a special program featuring the results from the CRCC Informal RDA Testing Task Force.


Featured guests will include:


Robert Rendall (Columbia University), to share thoughts as both a formal and informal tester;

Valerie Bross (UCLA), Co-Chair of the Task Force, to share thoughts as an informal tester;

and Jennifer Young (Northwestern), Co-Chair of the Task Force, who will present the results of the Task Force


There will be time for discussion and comments!


For those unable to attend the results of the Task Force's test will be widely distributed before ALA.


 Jennifer B. Young

Serials Catalog Librarian

Northwestern University Library



ALCTS CRS Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee Chair, 2010/2011