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LRCS: Guidelines for Maintaining/Enhancing Library Resources for Communication Studies Website

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“Maintaining/Enhancing Library Resources for Communication Studies Website” **

Subgroup: Elliot, Mark, Amy and Lisa

Charge: Maintaining and enhancing on a regular basis the Library Resources for Communication Studies website at: http://wikis.ala.org/acrl/index.php/LRCS

List of tasks and timeframe:

Assign an editorial team (from the E-Resources Committee) whose responsibility would be to: divide up responsibility among themselves for individual sections of the website; decide what sections need updating and how often then would be updated.

Members of the editorial team would serve for two years to provide continuity.  Initially, so that membership may be staggered, half of the team members would be appointed for two years and half for one year.

  • Decide what to do with unclaimed sections
  • Decide how to assign responsibility for new sections

The committee decided that each member of the E-Resources Committee would take responsibility for revising a section of the website or for creating a new subject guide. Lisa will email a list of the sections to the committee.

Develop a “records management” timeline for sections. Establish: how often sections would be reviewed for updating/revision; when sections would be retired or archived. Find out if ALA can run a “link checker” program on the website periodically. Possible timeline would be as follows:

  • Annual conference: assign new members
  • July: New members begin term
  • Fall: Assign areas for updating
  • Mid-winter: Use portion of meeting to clarify charge
  • March: Complete updates, share with group
  • April: Send any major changes to EBSS Board for approval
  • May: Forward changes to EBSS Webmaster

Website maintenance: Committee could forward any updates and changes to EBSS Webmaster since he/she will have completed the ALA website training and will have permissions/instructions from ALA.

Publicity/outreach: Insure that links to/descriptions of the website are found in all the right places. Publicize any updates or new sections as they have been mounted onto the website.

Create a list of associations, listservs, and other media where we may publicize updates to the website.

**  This is an older document added to ALA Connect for future reference. I adjusted the link to LRCS here; the original Word doc is attached -- chm