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DLS-Instruction Committee ALA Annual 2010 - Meeting Minutes Approved

ACRL Distance Learning Section

Instruction Committee

ALA Annual Conference, DLS All Committees Meeting

Saturday, June 26, 2010, 8:30-10:30 AM

JW Marriot Hotel, Ballroom E/F


Attending: Julie (ch), Nicholas (ch, recording), Ruth, Victoria, Andrew, Megan, Mona, Christine (remote), Ed


1.      Minutes from Midwinter

  • Approved

2.      Membership Report

  • Who is staying, who is leaving

o   Julie and Nick are rotating off as chairs

o   Julie will stay on committee as a member

o   Nicholas is leaving DLS

o   Andrew and Megan will rotate on a co-chairs

o   Mona is joining the committee

o   Christine is staying on

o   Victoria is staying on for a new 2 year stretch

o   Ruth Hodges is rotating off

o   Ed O’Donnell will be joining the group

  • Julie suggest we may want to request additional members from DLS

o   Christine suggested an email request for new members

o   Megan is on NMRT and is willing to post to their list

3.      Project reports

a.       Distance Librarian Survey Results (Mona, Julie, Megan)

                                                               i.      Working on annotated reference list

                                                             ii.      35 articles are being annotated

1.      Examples of best practices from articles will be extracted

                                                           iii.      After annotations are complete, work on actual best practices document

                                                           iv.      Liaison with bibliography committee will be explored

b.      Instructional Tools update

                                                               i.      Project has morphed

                                                             ii.      Nicholas will share previous and new documents with committee

                                                           iii.      Victoria shared similar work from GITCO committee. Will take on this project from Nicholas (Mona and Megan indicated interest in working on it as well.)

c.       Distance Learning and ESL?

                                                               i.      Christine is interested in working with online ESL information literacy instruction

1.      After the annotated bibliography is finished, we will consider surveying librarians on this issue, or listing products currently available

2.      Tabled for now, but we want to keep this issue alive for the future.

4.      Vision and Mission Discussion

a.       Our goal is to be a go-to resource for distance learning information

b.      Potential collaboration with IS Instructional Technology – webinar best practices project

c.       Victoria: suggested liaison with LIRT on a project

d.      Christine suggested that we publicize our work more effectively. Using list-serves and the other ACRL groups to promote our work.

e.       Christine suggested we create a Facebook page. This led to a discussion about ALA Connect vs. Facebook as a communication tool.

5.      Action Items

a.       Mona, Julie, & Megan will continue work on best practices project

b.      Nicholas will turn over documents on Tools and Tips project to Victoria

c.       Victoria will facilitate future work on Tools and Tips project.

d.      Mona, Andrew, and Christine will investigate the ESL/DLS project.

6.      Looking forward to Midwinter

a.       Will meet virtually before the actual conference

b.      Suggested meeting time at conf. be used to work on projects

c.       Julie has graciously volunteered to act as a mentor to our new chairs. (Thank you Julie!)