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MidWinter Program! Personal Branding for New Librarians!


ACRL New Members Discussion Group Program: Personal Branding for New Librarians

Date: Saturday January 8

Time: 10:30 AM - 12 PM

Location: HIL-Aqua 304 



Join us for the exciting, informal, and lively panel discussion about personal branding and digital identity for new librarians at ALA 2011 Midwinter at San Diego!

 Many new and budding librarians make personal branding attempts online by setting up and maintaining a professional blog and/or using other social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for networking and to learn more about librarianship. However, not many librarians succeed in creating their distinct digital identities, continuing the efforts at personal branding, and establishing their own personal brands online. What is and should be the purpose of personal branding? What are some of the benefits and pitfalls of engaging in personal branding activities? How can you successfully establish and manage your digital identity and personal brand online? How do you draw a line between your public identity and your privacy? How do you find time to continuously develop your personal brand along with your professional growth?

The four panelists who have been actively managing their personal brands will discuss their thoughts on personal branding and offer strategies, tips, and advice for new librarians. At the program, helpful guides and further information for new and budding librarians to start their own personal brands will also be provided. 

Panel Moderator:

- Bohyun Kim, Digital Access Librarian, Florida International University

(Twitter: @bohyunkim, Blog: Library Hat - http://www.bohyunkim.net/blog/)


Panelists (in the alphabetical order):


- Brett Bonfield, Director, Collingswood Public Library

(Co-founder and blogger at In the Library with the Lead Pipe -http://www.inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.org/)


- Kiyomi Deards, Subject Librarian for Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry and the Cedar Point Biological Station, University of Nebraska Lincoln

(Twitter: @KiyomiD, Blog: The Library Adventures of Kiyomi - http://libraryadventures.com/)


- Lisa Carlucci Thomas, Digital Services Librarian, Southern Connecticut State University

(Twitter: @lisacarlucci, Columnist at the Journal of Web Librarianship)


 - Andromeda Yelton, Recent Library Science Graduate/Budding Librarian

(Twitter: @thatAndromeda, Blog: Andromeda Yelton - http://www.andromedayelton.com/wp/)