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Links & Structure Team

Updates, To-do Lists, Etc.

  • New ALA division information architecture implemented for entire LITA site over the night of July 4th.
  • Currently focusing on Publications area of site.
    • Hoping to finish ITAL area by mid September
    • Working on, but also verifying the status of TER with Publications committee
    • Will consult with Publications Committee on future sub-structure (subpages) of the Publications area of the site
    • Will explore how to better publisize publications:
      • anyone have ideas?
      • We're thinking:
        • adding publications on main page's sliding panel (make a sliding panel for Publications index page?)
        • add right rail pods for each new publication (book or release of ITAL)
  • Future work on LITA site:
  • See our report for 2011 Annual for updates and Future work.  (migration of LITA site will happen in July)  

Pull down Examples

Explore making a few pull-down menus, ideas (see ARCL ideas):

  • Jobs pull-down already liave and based on analytics data of the site;
  • pull-down of Leadership
  • pull-down of all committees
  • pulldown of all IGs
  • Related Sites pull-down

Leadership menu example from ARCL    Sections example from ACRL - Could do LITA Committees and IGS like this    Related Sites example from ACRL


Section Assignments

The publications section was originally just Jason's but this _may_ require all our attentionm, including some heavy consultation with LITA staff regarding style/CSS.  We may need to take the ALA reports, and parse out this section to verify we don't have a lot of problems here.

Links & Structure Team, website section assignments




Team Membership

  • David Vess
  • Holly Nguyen
  • Jason Paul Michel

Our Working Resources

Our plans are subject to change as this work overlaps with so many people and work flows in LITA and ALA but we're committed to seeing this project as far as we can before both Midwinter 2010 and Annual 2010. We have a lot of people we still need to talk to about all of this.



 LITA Links & Structure Work Flow

Assumptions for all work:

  • Top-level links will remain the same
  • keep navigation menus to 3 levels in submenus - 4 levels at the most
  • We have to run our plans by LITA Staff and LITA Staff starting now
  • more?

 Phase I: Broken Links

Team members will do the following concerning their assigned sections:

Phase II: Restructure Site

Team members will do the following concerning their assigned sections:

  • Complete site structure analysis (ideally this is happening while you're fixing broken links)
  • Note the section’s structure is acceptable or develop a new structure
  • Add either:
    • 1) the existing section structure or
    • 2) new structure in our google site (LITA site model)
  • Add the text from each page on the pages you are creating. (some editing may be required) (LITA staff maybe can help with this?)  (we may be the one thing we do not do -- include text on the mock site -- and just do structure)
  • David will submit link of completed mock site to WCC chair for approval

The Phase II deadline may or may not be met as planned, pending factors that are not limited to:

  • LITA members and LITA staff needs prior to Annual
  • Where LITA falls on the conversion schedule for new CMS
  • Other ALA staff (ITTS, etc) needs regarding existing/future CMS
  • ?



Meeting Notes LITA WCC Meeting, 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting

by David Vess

Action Items for Link and Structures Team:


  • Get new site report from ala (includes broken links, lack of Seo tags, etc with time estimates on repair;
  • Begin by talking with Louise G at ala.
  • Poll LITA staff about plans we have on the table
  • do a questionnaire to share with WCC, Cindi and then send on to Office of Research and Statistics. Finally send to LITA member list.



General Tips Scratch Pad

You can rollback the redirect file to a previous version. (Do NOT check out the file. From Content > Deploy folders, go to its Properties > Versions tab > Select version desired. > Click Rollback.  Now check out file. Edit to remove the links. Check in. Deploy to update the server. Rollback to the redirect version. Deploy to update the server. Let me know if that makes sense.