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Midwinter 2011 Agenda

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We will be meeting from 4-6 on Sunday January 9 in the Hilton Hotel, room Aqua 310 as part of the Liaisons Coordinating Committee.  In the future I expect we may have some separate meeting time, but because we are still in formative stages, this first face to face meeting will be with the larger group.

I do have a list of issues we need to tackle before Annual, to give the new liaisons, who come in as a result of this restructuring, a solid footing in the role.  These items will need to be tackled in online discussion and all members are invited to add to/comment on this list:

  1. Liaisons need to know one another in order to feel comfortable seeking mentoring/advice from other liaisons.  Need to provide activities that create group comfort.
  2. We need to cull the relevant and useful from the web pages currently posted as Council of Liaisons information and transfer to Connect.
  3. The committee charge explicitly says we are to put training materials into Connect, so we need to brainstorm about Connect's capabilities and the types of training most effectively put forth in this setting.
  4. Current liaisons are our most important source of information as to training needs, we must systematically solicit and use their suggestions.
  5. To accomplish all of this we must have specific tasks and time lines for their completion.