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JP Porcaro's picture

Should we have one at Mid-Winter 2011?

Should we have a Dance Party at ALA MidWinter 2011?

If so, when / where?

As far as "when": Friday night is going to the the Emerging Leaders meetup (time/place TBA) so that's not a great night, Saturday night is ALA FB MidWinter After Hours.




Susan Franklin's picture

I am in favor of a Midwinter Dance Party. Is Sunday night an option? JP, I have the perfect venue in NOLA for Annual.

Karen Keys's picture

What if we just make a commitment to dance whenever someone shouts "ALA Dance Party!" Could happen at another meet up, in a committee meeting, on the street, at the exhibition hall, anywhere. ALA Dance Party: You Are Here.

Sunday could work.

JP Porcaro's picture

I REALLY REALLY wanna make Karen's idea happen. I'm gonna start promoting it.

Also, since I posted this, we already sorta have our eye on a venue for the Emerging Leaders meet-up, http://www.whiskeygirl.com/events/weekend, and according to the website, they have a DJ that night, so maybe for midwinter we could have a joint dance/el meetup...

Also, Susan, we'll totally go with your NOLA idea when the time comes...

jp porcaro, njcu librarian & nmrt councilor.

Kate Kosturski's picture

I'm all for the Midwinter Dance Party.  We're in California in the middle of winter, why not party? 

Oh and Karen, if you're not careful with this spontaneous dancing idea, I'm recruiting you to start ALA Glee Club with me.  :) 


Kate Kosturski


Andromeda Yelton's picture

If there's an ALA Glee Club, I am SO IN.

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018