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Web Forms - which can be deleted?

I received the following email from Louise Gruenberg. She needs to know which email forms need to be transitioned to the new platform and which can be deleted. Can anyone give me some advice?

Sandy Schiefer


Form mail (forms submitted to one or more e-mail addresses) will not be used on the new website as it is a security risk as well as a spam-magnet. Instead we will be migrating forms to database collection as we move the content management system from Collage to Drupal.

As part of the discovery process we are engaged in with our vendor, we are having units inform us of which of these can be retired, and which must be converted. Review the forms for your round table from the lists below and then return this e-mail to me indicating which of the forms should be kept and which can be deleted.

Use strike through text to indicate the item is no longer wanted.

Use bold text to indicate a keeper.

If at all possible, please return within the next 3 days. If I am not notified what to do with forms, it may slow the migration of your part of the site.

Thanks! --Louise








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IMHO: The last three need to be kept.

Geoff Swindells

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The first two forms were an attempt to channel minutes for compilation into a packet and should not be used.  Steering agreed to post minutes to the wiki with links from the unit page and the schedule of meetings.

Amy posted the draft midwinter schedule, allowing unit leaders to link their meeting agendas from a central point. Minutes should be linked after the meeting. Many questions about the format of minutes are addressed in the PPM (see II D. Meeting Minutes) and from the Agendas & Minutes page.

These two should be deleted right away:



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I will delete the first two forms and notify Louise that the others will need to be migrated to the new CMS.

Sandy Schiefer

Government Documents Librarian

University of Missouri

Columbia MO 65201