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Betsy Diamant-Cohen's picture


Hello everyone,

Please join the Mother Goose on the Loose Community of Practice. Mother Goose on the Loose is an early literacy program that is used in many public libraries throughout the United States for baby and toddler programs. It is an easy to plan, easy to implement program that helps children develop many school readiness skills and educates parents and caregivers through developmental tips.

Since librarians love to share and we are all experts at what we do, I have started this Mother Goose on the Loose Communities of Practice in order to provide a place where librarians who are already running Mother Goose on the Loose programs can share ideas, success stories, questions, etc.  

I am considering organizing a share-a-thon of nursery rhymes and songs at one of the upcoming annual conferences. Everyone will be invited to come with one favorite early literacy activity to share with others. However, before organizing this, I want to know if people would come. So, please let me know, would you be interested in something like this?

What else would you like to see from this community of practice?

Betsy Diamant-Cohen

Debra Johnson's picture

I am an early childhood school librarian (new to the field) and have been inspired by your book Transforming Preschool Storytime.   You may be interested in knowing that I have a school full of children doing the "alligator" fingerplay from your book.    I would definitely be interested in attending a share-a-thon.  I'll be in Philly for ALA Midwinter and perhaps I'll see you at a session.

Debra Johnson

Early Childhood School Librarain

Betsy Diamant-Cohen's picture

Hi Debra,

Thank you for your response!!!

I will see if we can get a share-a-thon going and I will get back to you!


Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen

Mother Goose on the Loose, LLC