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Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

October 14, 2010 Meeting Notes

In attendance: Tina, Sean, Val, Megan, Jenny, Mary

We had a great discussion about the staff response plan, and I got caught up in the conversation so didn't take thorough meeting notes. Perhaps we need to rotate this duty?

Megan has put together a great foundation for the Choose Your Own Adventure Response Plan. She came up with five basic scenarios, which she'll post to the group: positive, neutral, inaccurate, negative low risk, and negative high risk. We also added information-seeking/customer service as a sixth type.

We talked about the various types of responses, and we'll continue discussing to flesh them out further so that we can begin working on the more fun part of the project, building the CYOA.

In order to give staff guidelines and examples for types of responses, we realized we need to start working on guidelines for:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Jenny volunteered to start online docs for both Twitter and Facebook. She's taking an online conference this month that's providing lots of great advice and links, so she'll distill it all down in November. She'll also start doing informal Twitter sessions in the training room again next month to help with the lead-in to Midwinter.

Does anyone on staff know enough about LinkedIn to start working on those recommendations?

We talked about using the Booklist and American Libraries Facebook pages to test some of the new data regarding how and when to post to Facebook to see if it holds true for ALA properties as well. This might have to wait until the FB recommendations are done.

At the same time, we need to start our work to make recommendations to WEB regarding integration of social media throughout the future website. We'll start those discussions in Connect and continue them at our next meeting since they're due by December.

Other folks who attended the meeting: what else is missing from the notes?