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Minutes June 2010 Publications Committee

LITA Publications Committee

June 27, 2010, Boston, MA


  • Kristin Antelman
  • Mary Taylor
  • Laurie Taylor
  • Marta Deyrup
  • Jessica O'Brien (incoming member)
  • Steve McCann
  • Kay Vyhnanek

1. Additions to agenda

  • Mary's publication report
  • Discussion of LITA pubs supporting a programmatic event at ALA conference to accompany release of tech set
  • Possible changing of meeting date back to Saturday - where this meeting has traditionally been - and not on Sunday; but will check for conflicts first

2. Publications report by Mary Taylor
Mary: Tech set is selling well.
Kristin: Wonder if Charles Schuman (editor) would be willing to provide a breakdown of sales by market.

  • The newest are selling best, which makes sense because most guides probably have a 3 year life cycle.
  • Report includes work by LITA to promote the guides.
  • Board did approve the two proposals that were submitted to the LITA pubs group.
  • Good to have a conversation on the data dashboard because Steve developed the data dashboard. This committee might want to think about what kind of data this committee needs to assist with its decisions.

Kristin: Is there a place we can see the data dashboard or still in development. Mary: still in development. Kristin: so, perhaps a conversation for midwinter.

Discussion of assessment & research committee

3.  Acquisitions editor report (Marta)

  • Sent earlier as an attachment and passed out at the meeting.
  • High level, high quality people wanting to write the guides.
  • Two have been approved
    • how to write a technology grant
    • guide to technology planning
  • three under consideration (on report)
  • two are in development
  • two potential have been approached
  • LibGuides proposal
    • potential problem with putting the LITA brand with a product
    • proposal will be recommended to Neal Schumann to publish without LITA brand on it

4.  Communications timeline for publications (Kristin)

  • Error with last approvals with the publisher approving prior to the board, but that timeline will now be correct.
  • Correct timeline:
    • Marta works with author to develop proposal
    • Marta sends draft proposal to the LITA pubs group and Charles for his initial opinion
    • LITA Pubs signs off on proposal (incorporating any feedback from Charles) and sends to LITA Board
    • LITA Board reads and approves the proposal
    • After LITA PUBs and LITA Board have approved, proposal is sent to Publisher
      • Publisher takes proposal to his editorial board for approval

5.  Discussion of outstanding proposals and possible additional topics (all)

  • Good to have a conference call before each ALA conference to come up with ideas.
  • For data curation interviews proposal, which seems too narrow for LITA, should go to ALA editions because ALA editions has right of first refusal before any others. For the data curation one, it could be referred to ACRL, if ALA editions passes on it.
  • 6.  E-publications "series"? (all)
    • Wouldn't want to lock in with another like ACRL because wouldn't want to lose profits or be overshadowed, but could still be an option.
    • How difficult would content be for the series?
  • Possible additional topics
    • E-publication
      • Data interviews; Paul B
      • E-book readers; perhaps better as a digital guide because of fast development cycle
      • Web 3.0; semantic web is more ALCTS, but HTML5 and CSS3 are more LITA
    • Guide
      • Designing for mobile; Jason Clark at Montana State or others based on Internet Librarian pre-conference
      • Getting started with user-centered/user experience/ux research; author fell through
    • Could be electronic or guide
      • Assessing Integrated searching platforms / web-scale discovery systems (next-gen meta search), many vendor options being developed and investigated by libraries; Carlos R.
    • Electronic or POD
      • LITA hot/top tech trends; recommended by Charles; perhaps as a summary of what came out in the forum ($19.95 or more if it has bibliography with links; 2-3 pages each)
    • Possible for ALA editions
      • Green IT; Charles said this was a little narrow; proposed by Maurice
      • Networked learning (still needs scoping); Steve McCann
    • Potential additional ideas from the LITA forum (in Atlanta in September)
    • Covered by existing proposals
      • Guide to planning for digital preservation - already in development
      • Cloud computing - already have
      • How to write a technology guide; already in process
      • Technology planning - covered by existing proposals
      • Technology rich learning spaces in the libraries - seems covered by choosing a technology future

7.  ITAL update (Marc)

  • Marc not in attendance, and a small ITAL update covered in Mary's report.

8.  LITA Strategic Plan and implications for Publications (all) - http://connect.ala.org/node/105818

  • Relates to ITAL in drop of membership
  • Action plan template and sample action plan
  • Wants each committee to submit their completed action plans 2 weeks before midwinter

9.  Other business

  • Will find out about financial model for ALA editions for LITA and authors; even at the 10% level the amount tends to be respectable.

Agenda as sent out prior to meeting:

1.  Additions to agenda
2.  Acquisitions editor report (see attachment) (Marta)
3.  Discussion of outstanding proposals and possible additional topics (all)
4.  Communications timeline for publications (Kristin)
5.  E-publications "series"? (all)
6.  ITAL update (Marc)
7.  LITA Strategic Plan and implications for Publications (all) - http://connect.ala.org/node/105818
8.  Other business

Laurie N. Taylor
Digital Library Center
University of Florida Libraries