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Slots Still Available: Give a Lightning Talk at LITA National Forum this Weekend!

Back by Popular Demand!
Lightning Talks at LITA Forum 2010
We’re looking for Fast Talkers With Timely Ideas!

Along with sparkling keynotes and terrific programs, LITA Forum 2010, September 30-October 3 in Atlanta, offers two sessions of nine five-minute lightning talks on Friday, Oct. 1 at 4:20 and again on Sun. Oct. 3 at 9:00 am.

Lightning talks are snappy presentations that are great fun for attendees and an opportunity for presenters to showcase late-breaking ideas, trends, and achievements. Speakers are strictly held to five minutes (we sound the gong at 4:59). There is a Q&A period for all speakers at the end.

Want to talk longer than 5 minutes about your idea or project? Sessions are scheduled in time slots immediately preceding breaks so that participants can continue conversations at Friday’s Sponsor Showcase Reception or Sunday’s refreshment break.

Lightning talks are first-come, first-serve. We will assign the first 18 people who reply, and once these slots are full, the other names will go on a waiting list. We assume you’re registered for LITA Forum!

*Please note: These two scheduled lightning talks are separate from the Pecha Kucha session that has put out a separate call for participation!


1. Send an email to smithss@wfu.edu with your name, email, organization, title for your lightning talk, and preferred session (October 1 or October 3). Please put LITA Forum Lightning Talk in the subject of your message. Use the Conference Schedule to help you decide your preferred session time.

2.  We will take volunteers up to the start of the Sunday session! If you have a great idea that emerges over the weekend from something you hear in a session, find us and we'll put you in the line up.

3. If your plans change, please let us know so we can reassign your slot!


1. LITA Forum attendees from companies are welcome to participate, but the content must relate to technology and libraries and should not be a sales pitch.

2. People who already have programs, papers, posters accepted at LITA Forum are requested to give others a chance (unless they are burning with a completely different idea they are absolutely dying to share).



Susan Smith


Jennifer Reiswig's picture

Please do consider doing one of these.  Be a participant, not just an attendee!