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9/20-9/27 Pre-vote discussion: Approval of RBMS’s application for funding to make Vols. 1-12 of RBML available through HighWire

The Board held a virtual vote from September 27 - October 4 and approved the recomendation from RBMS to approve its application to the Gladys Krieble Delmas foundation for $3,000 in funding to make Vols. 1-12 of Rare Books & Manuscripts Librarianship available through the HighWire platform. The document packet is attached to this post.

The discussion period for this action was September 20-27 and will take place in ALA Connect via comments to this post.

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This proposal seems a natural next step for making the association's journals (and backfiles) more widely available.  The draft letter includes excellent arguments and data to make the case.  The letter might use a little refinement (fixing sections such as "What remains to be done is to
make the scanned content available online.") since this will go out under Mary Ellen's name.  The work done by Univ of Kansas to digitize the files moves us very close to completing this project.  I support the idea of putting these issues on HighWire and of approaching a foundation for funding.  Others may know better if this association is appropriate and not overly tapped by ACRL.