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New Name and Charge for the Committee

Continuing Education Development Committee:


To work collaboratively with the LLAMA CE Program Officer to produce programs that support ongoing content and revenue goals for LLAMA’s continuing education program.  The primary focus of the committee will be the generation of content for the production of online webinars, both paid and free, and face to face continuing education held outside of the Annual Conference.  The Program Officer will handle all marketing and production for LLAMA continuing education programs.


To accomplish its work, the committee, in consultation with the CE program officer, will:

  1. Identify and contact potential presenters, both in and out of the association, who can provide CE content in support of LLAMA’s annual programmatic goals. 
  2. Identify and contact potential Midwinter Institute presenters who can provide CE content in support of LLAMA’s annual programmatic goals. 
  3. Provide one or more representatives to attend LLAMA Program Committee meetings at Midwinter and Annual and to identify section programs with the greatest potential for webinar development. 
  4. Assign or identify volunteers to act as CE program liaisons for each CE program.  Program liaisons will assume responsibility for a specific CE program, including identifying topics and speakers, attending the program, reviewing evaluations and reporting results to the CE Program Officer and Committee