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Some tips for using ALA Connect to reach the appropriate audience

Apologies for those who know this but, as we are all relatively new to ALA Connect, I will share a tip that members of GODORT's Ad Hoc Committee on Communication noted.

When posting a message, check the node. For example, the GODORT Steering communityat http://connect.ala.org/node/73552 has 30 members who may receive notice of a posting. GODORT's main page in ALA Connect, http://connect.ala.org/node/14 should reach 738 members, which amounts to 708 additional people. Because this is true for committee nodes, the committee recommended setting up three discussions on the main GODORT node so the work of each task force would be accessible to all GODORT members.

For distribution beyond GODORT, remember that  a person registered for an ALA meeting may post to the others registered for the meeting. For example, the ALA 2010 Annual Conference at http://connect.ala.org/node/98387 had 6611 members, a much larger audience than GODORT.

While we don't want to pester people with annoying postings, effective use of ALA Connect will help GODORT get its message out. Composing a message using a text editor and pasting it into Connect may avoid typos before producing a public notice.

Finally, for messages intended for the widest audience, be sure the check the "Public" box before pressing the "Submit" button.