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LITA IRC Annual Meeting Minutes

LITA IRC Meeting Notes

Sunday June 27, 2010 – 8:30-10:00 AM

Washington Hilton, Boundary Room

Present:  Debra Riley-Huff, Yan Han, Frank Cervone
Absent:  Chulin Meng, Evviva R. Weinraub, Fagdeba Bakoyema; Hongyu Li; Ling Wang; Zhonghong Wang

  1. Call to order

    Frank noted that Evviva, due to a last minute issue, was not able to attend ALA Annual this year.

  2. Report on LITA IRC program

    The program seemed to be successful had 85 attendees even though this session was scheduled in conflict with an ALCTS program on a very similar topic. Debra is managing the session evaluation survey and will present the results to the group via e-mail later on this summer. The conflict with the ALCTS program demonstrated the need to group members to work more closely with other affiliated groups such as the IRRT/IRC, CALA, ALCTS IRC, APALA, and the various ACRL area studies groups.

    A possible topic for our next program is “How you can get involved.” However, the deadline for submitting a program proposal is July 31, 2010 and given such low attendance at the meeting, it did not seem feasible to develop a program for 2011. Perhaps aiming for 2012 is a more realistic goal.

  3. Update from the LITA Committee and IG Chair meeting

    Frank reported on some of the more significant topics from the LITA Committee and IG Chair meeting. These include:

    • The LITA strategic plan has been released.  The committee will need to submit some planning documents before Midwinter. Group discussions and work will be done over e-mail and ALA Connect
    • Mary Taylor, executive director of LITA, asked committees and IGs to consider how they could develop their programs at annual into webinars or regional institutes. This is something for us to consider as we move forward with future programs
    • The committee needs to review the IRC website to correct and update pages that are not current.                
    • Finally, all committees and IGs need to have more representatives at the LITA Happy Hour as that is one of our best opportunities to bring new members into the organization.
  4. Discussion of LITA Strategic Plan and future directions and activities of IRC
  5. Each committee and IG will need to determine how their work fits into the overall strategic plan of the organization. After reviewing the various items in the plan, the group decided that focusing on Objective 4.2, Reaching out to and collaborating with other divisions, roundtables, and offices within ALA, was one of the first areas we should explore. In particular, the group felt that strategy 4.2.1,   Interest groups partner or co-sponsor programs with a wide variety of groups within ALA, would be the most appropriate strategy for the group to pursue in the short term. As a result of discussions, the group decided that the first place to begin was to have the IRC chair work with IRC and IRRT and begin to develop partnerships there. Additionally, IRC committee members should be appointed as liaisons to other groups, such as CALA, ALCTS IRC, APALA, and the various ACRL area studies groups.

    Further discussion of these issues will be held over ALA Connect during the fall so the committee can make some proposals in time for the Midwinter meeting.

  6. IFLA Meeting Update

    This year’s World Library and Information Congress will be held in Gothenburg Sweden in August. Frank will have more to report at Midwinter.

    Frank noted that the committee needs to provide a nomination to the LITA Board on who will be the LITA representative to IFLA. This position does not receive any funding from LITA, so all expenses involved with the position are the responsibility of the member assuming the duties. Furthermore, nomination from LITA does not guarantee appointment. Frequently, there are more nominations from IFLA constituent groups than there are open positions on the IFLA Information Technology Standing committee, so the nomination from LITA may go to a vote of the IFLA IT Standing Committee members.

    Although the members attending the meeting recommended nominating Frank Cervone, there was not a quorum, so an e-mail vote will be held.

  7. Other items


    Having no other items, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM