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Poster Session Letter

Hi, LNOSCY  -- Thought I would share my letter below:


Hello, _____:

  It has been many months since we spoke on the phone.  However, I am hopeful that you and your organization are still interested in connecting with the American Library Association (ALA).  My committee (Liaisons with National Organizations Serving Children and Youth) had a meeting on June 27 in Washington DC wherein we discussed how best to connect with other organizations.   We decided to have a poster session featuring national organizations, such as (organization's name), during our annual conference in 2012 in Anaheim, CA (June 21-26).  Would your organization be interested in supplying us information for this endeavor?  Or if you have a representative in Anaheim, perhaps they would like to meet us? The committee also mentioned the possibility of attending each other's conventions/conferences and collaborating on presentations at these events.  For us, Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays during annual conferences would be best. Please let me know if (organization's name) is still interested in working with ALA and what other ideas you might have for collaboration. I appreciate your time and consideration.