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Minutes from the Annual Conference, June 2010


Campus Administration and Leadership Discussion Group

June 27, 2010

Grand Hyatt, Constitution E


Present: Karen Hopkins, Tom Fisher, Jason Martin, Anne Hudson, Elizabeth Lorbeer, Lesley Miner, Barbara Kemp (convener)


Excused:    Lynn Baird, Charles Lord


Absent:  Diane Bruxvoort, Ewa Barczyk, Wendy Girven, Deirdre McDonald



After introductions, the group discussed several options for topics for the discussion at Midwinter 2011.  It was agreed that budget and advocacy have been done quite a bit, so we were looking for something different.  It was tentatively decided that, pending securing an appropriate facilitator/speaker, we will focus on getting campus support for establishing an Institutional Repository, especially in the face of potential resistance from campus Institutional Research units.  Tom  said that he knows of a good potential speaker and will make some inquiries about getting her as the featured leader.  We also talked about the best format for the discussion but agreed that until we have a firm topic we can’t make final decisions.


Barbara reminded everyone that we will have a lot to do in the coming weeks, including deciding on the format and publicity.



July 2010