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Policy Manual Revision Task Force Committee

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The Policy Manual Revision Task Force is charged with carrying out a thorough examination of the ALA Policy Manual, and proposing such changes, including, but not limited to:

  • Renumbering to provide room for expansion where needed
  • Renumbering to provide a more logical order of policies
  • Matching policy names with content
  • Deletion of obsolete policies
  • Deletion of obsolete parts of policies
  • Identification and clarification of primary intent of policies, and revision as necessary to reflect that purpose
  • Clarification or deletion of confusing parts of policies
  • Verification that policies reflect actual practice
  • Identification of policies that contain an “exclusive” list and consideration whether an “exemplary” list should be used in order to reduce future need for revision, and/or to clarify whether a policy is needed for each specific instance, or for classes of instances
  • Deletion of policies that simply restate accepted parliamentary practice or provisions of the Constitution or Bylaws
  • Identification of policies that may not be appropriately considered policy, and determination of appropriate placement/treatment (e.g. as guidelines, bylaws, or deleted)
  • Making editorial/grammatical changes as necessary (e.g. which vs. that; will vs. shall; use of consistent terminology to convey concepts)
  • Verifying correctness, currency, and appropriateness of all references, including references to the Constitution, Bylaws, other policies, the Policy Reference File (instead of the “Current Reference File”)
  • Considering how or whether Web capabilities might be used to enhance navigation through the Manual, and location, accessibility and relation of policies to each other and to other documents.
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