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Innovations Meeting Minutes - ALA Annual

ACRL Innovations Meeting

ALA Annual 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010 – 9 a.m.




Committee Budget: $8,000

Social web:


Facebook is set up and chairs and acrl office are invited to contribute. How will we populate during the event?

Tiffini has info on foursquare.  Will need her to update us.

Panels and invited speakers will be given the opportunity to have hash tags and moderators. Grete is working on the text for this and will share with the group within two weeks (7/12). Anne will then get it to the ACRL office for inclusion in the official speaker agreement. As a follow-up, Grete will work on the “job descriptions” for the volunteer moderators and we will need to tell the Volunteers group how many we need as soon as we know.

Displaying the Twitter feed. Could display the virtual conference page or create a widget and have developer help in setting up on a page. Will have to budget for equipment. Anne will ask Tiffini to work on this piece.

Creating acrl2011 Twitter feed and linking to Facebook account. Amanda will put this into action.

Find out more about the professional video. Ways to promote YouTube and flickr use.

In-person networking:

Wed. night game night will take place at one of the hotels from 8-10. Need to plan out activities that will be present there and ACRL office can support by providing equipment (they have a Wii, Rockband, etc.)

Activity for first-time attendees (last year was Bingo). Tory will email us a copy of the bingo card from last year.

Posters voting opportunity (Helen will liaison with the posters group to make this happen – prize??)

Unconference group:

Camps - need to decide topics, when, where, who
Note: cyber zed shed is offering opportunities for lightning talks 30 minutes once per day. Will have signups, probably happening during lunch. Also having power strips in the zed shed, and offering a variety of seating options in the zed shed. All day Thursday and Friday.

Ideas to flesh out post-conference: presentation practice camp, battle decks

When to offer: pre conference would catch people coming into town early and probably wouldn't interfere with the preeconferences. Could advertise to the accepted speakers. Include flip cams so presenters can watch themselves later. Would need to have sign ups and time blocks set up.
Dedicated room throughout the conference? (ultimately the group decided on offering presentation practice throughout the conference – will need to have volunteers w/ job descriptions; Tory will need to know about equipment requirements, etc.)

Battledecks before or after dine arounds? Could use speaker camp room in the evening or during lunch. Brown bag battle decks? maybe we could do box lunch for purchase? Tory will check with the catering manager about options.  Will need to provide a good prize and have some sort of voting/rating system. Idea: trophy people can wear (ribbons). Need to decide when this will happen, logistics, perameters, signups or not?, what’s the voting/rating system, and what’s the prize?

Note: we can ask colleagues committee about sponsorship of prizes if we want.

Future meetings:

Steve will be in touch with the unconference/camp group and the networking group shortly following ALA to set up a post-conference conference call (a very weird phrase to type!).

Both Anne and Steve are expecting babies in the Fall, and will make sure to provide contact information to you, and be in touch, as we know that most of our work needs to happen then. We will plan for some conference calls with each group (or perhaps the whole committee) mid-fall, most likely late October.