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AASL/ACRL Committee on IL- Annual 2010 - Meeting Minutes


AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy
Annual Meeting
June 28, 2010
Washington DC

Attending: Doc Roth (Chair), Carla Bosco, Emily Rimland, Karen Lemmons, Polly Boruff-Jones, Annemarie Roscello,  Linda Roberts

Welcome and introductions

2010 Program debriefing:
The committee's program, Sequenced Learning:  Applying Information Literacy Continuously Across K-20, was discussed and by all accounts, was well-received.  The item of a program for next year was raised and Doc mentioned the need to reserve the time slot for next year.  In fact, the deadline for reservations was discovered to be that afternoon.  

Action: Doc and Carla agreed to leave the meeting early to stop by the AASL office in order to file the paperwork to obtain a program for Annual 2011.  

The following suggestions were noted: 

  •  keep the same time slot (8 AM on Saturday)    
  • request table rounds instead of auditorium seating (to facilitate discussion)    
  • have attendees get up and  move to the center of the room before starting (to allow late comers to get aisle seats)

Action: Thank you notes to this year's speakers will be sent by Emily Rimland.

2011 Program ideas:

The committee agreed that a panel format works well for the program, with the suggestion of a slight variation of having one panelist be a keynote, who then queries the other panelists. Topic ideas for next year included:

  • Truly integrated curriculum examples- use David Loertscher's challenges as a springboard to gather examples   
  • The library component in teacher education programs - how are new educators taught to integrate the library?   
  • Local K-20 networks   
  • A student panel, where students from different levels provide feedback about information literacy education they've received, what they learned, what they didn't learn, etc.      
  • The committee liked Annemarie's idea and proceed with this topic area      
  • Suggestions were:         
    • Terry Young (?) a New Orleans local as a possible contact         
    • Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz from the Big 6         
    • Barbara Stripling          
    • David Loertscher         
    • Joyce (need last name)         
    • Working title: I'm So Confused: Students and Experts on Information Literacy   

Action: Will need a description in about a month (Committee)

SMART goals:

Need to decide what we want our SMART goals to be for this year.

Action: Emily will spearhead this for the ACRL side. Possibly use ALA Connect or a wiki to work on this.

INFOLIT-L (listserv):

We need to hire a new moderator for this listserv this year.  Currently it has about 2,000 subscribers.  Karen? raised the concern that AASL was getting rid of all its listservs this year after annual. 

Action: can someone from AASL verify this information? 7/16: Linda reported that the listserv will stand and is not gong away.

New business and announcements:

Tthe duplication of this group by other groups and that we might try to unite efforts.  Consider also producing something about practical ways school librarians can approach college librarians, and vice versa.

The committee also discussed the idea of providing an official voice to national committees (this could be a smart goal), and crafting a resolution to ask ALA to adopt a policy to encourage IL throughout divisions.

Annemarie agreed to stay for the broader information literacy meeting that followed (Thank you!).

Carla Bosco (AASL) and Emily Rimland (ACRL) will be the incoming co-chairs. Linda Roberts will be leaving the committee as a member but will be our liaison to AASL.



Mary Jane Petrowski (staff)'s picture


I would like to download the minutes to several folders on our N drive.  Can you re-post as Word document?


Mary Jane