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2010 Annual Meeting Agenda

For our Saturday, June 26 meeting, scheduled for 1:30-3:30, Hilton Washington (HILTON), Holmead Room

  1. Welcome, introductions and call for additional agenda items / discussion topics.
  2. Follow up from Midwinter action items and spring activities.
  3. Strategic Plan review (reminder to please familiarize self with item on LITA site on ALA Connect).
  4. Program  proposals for the 2011 Annual Meeting are due by July 31, 2010. Please bring any topics forward to the litaeduc email list or via our committee's connect site by July 16, 2010 for discussion. This is a short time frame and we should try to keep discussion ongoing for any program submissions in the future.
  5. Review of preconference programs at Annual 2010
    1. Migrating to Open Source Systems
    2. Open Source CMS Playroom
    3. LibGuides Customization
  6. Status of online programming content creation tutorial.
  7. Other topics?

NOTE: We do plan to have Skype available to support virtual member participation. Please contact Danielle Plumer who will Skype you in if there is good connectivity in our room.