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CRS Roster for 2010/2011


The CRS roster for 2010/2011 follows.


CRS Officers, Committees and Members


As of July 1, 2010

Chair: Paul Moeller, University of Colorado at Boulder (paul.moeller@colorado.edu)

Chair-Elect: Margaret Mering, University of Nebraska (mmering@unlnotes.unl.edu)

Past Chair: Connie Foster, Western Kentucky University (connie.foster@wku.edu)

Secretary: Anne Mitchell, University of Houston (amitchell@uh.edu)

Members-at-Large: Ann Fath, Getty Research Institute (afath@getty.edu); Bonnie Parks, University of Portland (parks@up.edu); Eugene Dickerson, US Department of State (DickersonEH@state.gov)

CRS Interest groups

College and Research Libraries Interest Group

Chair: Beth Bernhardt, University of North Carolina, Greensboro (beth_bernhardt@uncg.edu)

Vice-chair: Patrick Carr, East Carolina University (carrp@ecu.edu)

Access to Continuing Resources Interest Group

Chair: Heather Staines, Springer (heather.staines@springer.com)

E-Resources Interest Group

Chair: Amira Aaron, Northeastern University Libraries (a.aaron@neu.edu)

Vice-chair: Christine Turner, University of Massachusetts Amherst (cturner@library.umass.edu)

CRS Committees


Chair: Clint Chamberlain, University of Texas at Arlington (ckchamberlaintx@yahoo.com) 2010/11

Denise Novak, Carnegie Mellon (dn22@andrew.cmu.edu) 2009/11

Lai-Ying Hsiung, University of California, Santa Cruz (lhsiung@ucsc.edu) 2010/12

Rebecca Kemp, UNC-Chapel Hill (rkemp@email.unc.edu) 2010/12    

Dennis Lambert, Villanova (dennis.lambert@villanova.edu) 2010/12

Robert Van Rennes, University of Iowa (robert-van-rennes@uiowa.edu) 2009/11

Virtual: James Ruwalt, High Point Public Library (jim.ruwaldt@highpointnc.gov) 2009/11

Continuing Resources Cataloging

Chair: Jennifer Young, Northwestern University, (j-young2@northwestern.edu) 2010/11

Steve Shadle, University of Washington (shadle@u.washington.edu) 2009/11

Anna Ashikhmina, University of Delaware (annaa@udel.edu) 2010/11

Eva Sorrell, California State, San Bernadino (esorrell@csusb.edu) 2010/12

Kelly Lasher, Syracuse University (kllasher@syr.edu) 2010/12

Cecilia Genereux, University of Minnesota (gener002@umn.edu) 2010/12

Robert Rendall, Columbia University (rr2205@columbia.edu) 2010/2012

Intern: Heather L. McIntosh, Georgia Public Library Service/Gwinnett County Public Library (heike6@gmail.com) 2010/2012

Education, Research and Publications Coordinating

Chair: Kurt Blythe, UNC Chapel Hill (kcblythe@email.unc.edu) 2010/11

Sally Gibson, Creighton University (sallygibson@creighton.edu) 2010/12

Mary Ann Jones, Mississippi State University Libraries (mjones@library.msstate.edu) 2010/2011

Mavis B. Molto, Utah State University (mavis.molto@usu.edu) 2010/2011

Virtual: Dana M. Tonkonow, Central Connecticut State University (tonkonowd@mail.ccsu.edu) 2010/12

Brian John Falato, University of South Florida (bfalato@lib.usf.edu) 2010/11

Committee on Holdings Information

Chair: Julie Su, San Diego State (jsu@mail.sdsu.edu) 2010/11

Cathy Weng, The College of New Jersey (weng@tcnj.edu) 2009/11

Heather Staines, Springer (heather.staines@springer.com) 2009/11

Sandy Chen, Clarion University (schen@clarion.edu) 2010/12


Selina Lin, University of Iowa Libraries (selina-lin@uiowa.edu) 2010/12

Virtual: Myrtle Myers, OCLC (myersm@oclc.org) 2010/12

Nominating (one-year term)

Chair: Denise D. Novak, Carnegie Mellon University (dn22@andrew.cmu.edu)

Felicity Dykas, University of Missouri-Columbia (DykasF@missouri.edu)

Adolfo Tarango, University of California San Diego (atarango@ucsd.edu)

Marla W. Chesler, US Department of State (cheslermw@state.gov)

 Policy & Planning

Chair: Julia McGinnis, California Univ. of Pennsylvania (mcginnis@cup.edu) 2010/11

Erin Leach, Washington University in St. Louis (eleach@wustl.edu) 2009/11

Gracemary Smulewitz, Rutgers University (smulewi@rci.rutgers.edu) 2009/11

Yumin Jiang, University of Colorado Law Library (yumin.jiang@colorado.edu) 2009/11

Virtual: Micheline Westfall, University of Tennessee (mwestfal@utk.edu) 2010/12

Lynette Fields, Southern Illinois U.-Edwardsville (lfields@siue.edu)  2009/11


Chair: Charlene Chou, Columbia University (cc179@columbia.edu) 2010/11

Chiat Naun Chew, University of Minnesota (naunc0@gmail.edu) (2010/12)

Virtual: Erika Ripley, Southern Methodist University (eripley@mail.smu.edu) 2010/12

Naomi Kietzke Young, University of Florida (naomi@uflib.ufl.edu) 2010/12

Janet Hulm, Ohio University (hulm@ohio.edu) 2010/12

Janet B. Morrow, Northeastern University (j.morrow@neu.edu) 2010/12


First Step Award Jury (one-year term)

Chair: Betty Landesman, National Institutes of Health Library (landesb@mail.nih.edu)

Sharon Hybki Kerr, National Library of Medicine (kerrs@mail.nih.gov)

Selina Lin, University of Iowa Libraries (selina-lin@uiowa.edu

Cheryl Eileen Highsmith, Chapman University (highsmic@yahoo.com)

Meghan Manahan, George Mason University (mmanahan@gmu.edu )


 Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award Jury (one-year term)

Chair: Michelle Sitko, Marywood (sitko@es.marywood.edu)

Narda Tafuri, University of Scranton (tafurin1@scranton.edu

Christopher H. Walker, Pennsylvania State University (chw16@psu.edu)

Tina Shrader, National Agricultural Library (tina.shrader@ars.usda.gov)
Wen-ying Lu, University of Colorado at Boulder (Wen-ying.lu@colorado.edu) 

 CRS Representatives to ALCTS & Other Organizations

CRS Representatives to ALCTS Committees

Allyson Carlyle (LRTS Editorial Board, 2010/12)
Associate Professor
University of Washington Information School

Seattle, WA 98195-0001

E-mail: acarlyle@u.washington.edu


Kurt Blythe (Publications, 2009/11)

Serials Access Librarian, Head, Serials Cataloging & Binding

University of NC at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27514-8890

E-mail: kcblythe@email.unc.edu

Clinton K. Chamberlain (Planning 2010/2012)                     
Information Resources Coordinator
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX 76019
(817) 272-2949

Nancy Mitchell Poehlmann (CCS CCDA—2009/11)

Rare Books Librarian
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7005
(352) 273-2728

Lila Angeline Ohler (Program Committee, 2009/11)
Head of Acquisitions
University of Maryland McKeldin Library

Silver Spring, MD 20910-3452

Emily J. McElroy (Budget & Finance, 2009/11)
Collection Development Librarian
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR 97239-3011

E-mail: emcelroy@gmail.com

Shana McDanald (Organization and Bylaws—2010/12)
Electronic Resources and Serials Cataloging Librarian
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Philadelphia, PA 19143
(215) 746-0267

Lynda W. Wright (Membership Committee—2010/12)
Head of Technical Services
Randolph-Macon College
PO Box 5005
Ashland, VA 23005-5505

E-mail: lwwright@rmc.edu

CRS Representatives to other Organizations

Linda Smith Griffin (North American Serials Interest Group--2009/11)
Head of Cataloging
Louisiana State University Libraries
Baton Rouge, LA 70814-7367
(225) 578-4685

Representatives to CRS

Leslie E. Hawkins
CONSER Specialist
Library of Congress
College Park, MD 20740-4108
(202) 707-5185

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