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Final Project, Team D - ALCTS Leadership Development Committee/Emerging Leaders Team D Video Project

2010 Emerging Leaders Project D, Project Summary

Project Title:  ALCTS Web Based Leadership Development

Project Description: 

In a context of changing demographics, rapidly evolving Web technologies for community work and declining travel budgets, ALCTS wants to enhance the way it develops new leaders for the Association. In the past, the ALCTS Leadership Development Committee has been responsible for two in-person events. The Volunteer Forum at Midwinter was designed to encourage new ALCTS members to seek deeper involvement in the organization through committee service and, more recently, other kinds of remote engagement such as website development and online training. The New Leaders Orientation at Annual was designed to give initial support to newly appointed committee chairs and members and, more recently, interest group chairs, as they began their terms of office. The committee has been charged by the Board to move support for volunteers and new leaders away from these in-person events to Web-based tools that will engage new leadership at various stages and provide effective point-of-need guidance and information. The committee will be working on its website and in ALA Connect this fall, mounting existing content and creating both a general “Leadership 101” document and a list of any additional content units to be developed. We have the full agendas and handouts from the two in-person events. Another of the existing elements is a wiki developed by a 2008 EL group:  http://alcts.ala.org/newleaders/index.php?title=Main_Page. There is also online content from the ALCTS office: http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/alcts/mgrps/howto/frm_vol.cfm (and links therein). We have also discussed adding video testimonials and/or greetings from ALCTS leaders.

ALCTS would like EL project volunteer(s) to advise it on the transformation of one or both of these two functions, using a solid understanding of 1) the Association, as assisted by the member mentor, immediate past-president of ALCTS 2) member needs as expressed to the committee in various fall fora (e.g. an ALCTS e-forum, polling the alctsleaders listserv) and 3) available Web 2.0 options for presenting/enhancing online content, including A/V features, interactive elements, etc. 

Expected outcomes:

Team D will review the materials produced and mounted by the Committee this fall, then work with the member mentor, the staff liaison and the Committee to:

  • further develop the plan for virtual leadership development, with multiple specific suggestions for adding Web 2.0 features
  • implement at least one Web 2.0 feature to enhance ALCTS’s outreach to support volunteers or  new leaders

Sponsoring Unit:  ALCTS

Team Members:

Andrea M. Langhurst
Licensing/Acquisitions Librarian
University of Notre Dame
114 Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN  46556
(574) 631-9809

Nathan B. Putnam
Interim Head, Cat. & Metadata Serv.
George Mason University Libraries
4400 University Drive, MS 2FL
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 993-2235

Shilpa Rele
Metadata Librarian
University of Miami Libraries
Otto G. Richter Library
1300 Memorial Drive, Rm 301C
Coral Gables, FL 33146
(305) 284-4730

Genevia Chamblee
(614) 761-5288

Mentor and Staff Liaison:

M. Dina Giambi
Assistant Director for Library Technical Services
University of Delaware Library
181 South College Avenue
Newark, DE 19717‐5267
Phone: 302‐831‐2829
E‐mail: dinag@udel.edu

Charles Wilt
Executive Director, ALCTS
(312) 280-5030


Links to Videos: http://connect.ala.org/node/105214  or search YouTube for "ALCTS"

Final Project Summary attached.