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DLIG Annual 2010 meeting - Uncommons!

We’re trying something different for the Annual DLIG meeting this year.  Instead of having a giant room reserved for a standard roundtable discussion for a block of time, we’ve reserved some space in the Networking Uncommons: http://annual.ala.org/2010/index.php?title=Networking_Uncommons


Networking Uncommons space


Sunday, 6/27


The Uncommons is a space on level 1, concourse A, near the exhibits.  There’s tables, a projector, and plenty of power strips.  We have no specific agenda.  Just show up, hang out, and mingle!  It’ll be morning, so feel free to view it as a warmup for the day – bring coffee and ideas.  We have the 9:30-10AM Uncommons slot on Sunday the 27th


Hope to see you there!

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I love this idea! I hope it goes well!!