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2010 Emerging Leaders Project F (Big Money)

2010 Emerging Leaders Project F (Big Money)

Project Title: 

Revision of IMLS 21st Century Librarian Grant

Project Description:

Group F worked on revising a 21st Century Librarian grant proposal, so that it may be submitted by ASCLA to the IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program in December 2010.  The proposal, if funded, will support scholarships and assistive services for either persons with disabilities, or people interested in working with disabled populations, to attend graduate school and obtain their MLS.

We first created two surveys to learn more about the issues involved with this grant.  One survey was designed for officials at ALA Accredited MLS Programs to learn more about how library school programs are currently preparing students to work with people with disabilities.  The second survey was designed for current library science students to learn about how many students are interested in working with people with disabilities. 

Our group worked together to revise the narrative of the proposal.  We used the information from these surveys, background information obtained from ASCLA, comments from IMLS reviewers of the previous grant proposal, and our research into the literature surrounding these issues to make our revisions.  We worked on expanding the scope of the scholarship, strengthening the reasons given for why this scholarship program is necessary, creating a viable budget and plan, identifying potential partners for this project, and identifying potential people to write letters of support.

Sponsoring Unit:

Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA)

Team Members:

Ed Garcia
Information Access Librarian
Cranston Public Library

Arianne Hartsell‐Gundy
Humanities Librarian, Reference & Collection Services
Miami University

Jessica Hernández
Independent Information Professional
Master's Student in Educational Technology

JP Porcaro
Virtual Services Librarian
New Jersey City University Guarini Library

Jennifer Wann Walker
Director of Development Services
Mississippi Library Commission


Barbara Mates                                                                                                 barbaramates@cox.net

Support Staff:

Susan Hornung                                                                                                                  Executive Director of ASCLA                                                                                            shornung@ala.org