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Team I - Project Information


  1. Team Name
    1. International Partnership for Advocacy and Library Services (iPALS)
    2. Team I
  2. Project Title
    1. IRRT Free Links: A Project Providing Access to Free Professional Development Opportunities for ALA Members around the World.
  3. Description of our Project
    1. The first part of the Free Links Program was started by a team of Emerging Leaders in 2008. The purpose of their project was “to identify and select free web-based tutorials and professional development information for librarians in other countries to access via the Internet.” The group choose to make these links available using a wiki.
    2. The Free Links Program was continued by our Emerging Leaders team. Our group’s assignment was to develop a list of free links to professional development tools for library advocacy and add them to the wiki. After some consideration, we decided that a website would be more user friendly and easier to navigate. We created a website where we posted our advocacy links. The links are all annotated and organized into several logical categories. We also posted the technology links to our new website. Although we checked the links for currency, we did not go back and annotate them due to time constraints. As the Free Links Program continues to grow, other teams (or the party responsible for maintaining the website) will be able to add content so that it is all in the same location while retaining a user friendly format. The advantages of this would be simplicity and ease of use, which are factors especially important to international librarians who may not be fluent in English or very comfortable with Web 2.0 technology.
  4. Name of our sponsoring unit
    1. International Relations Roundtable (IRRT)
  5. Contact Information
    1. Alteri, Susan / 313.577.6446 / salteri@wayne.edu
    2. Carr, Stephanie / 502.608.1414 / stephaniemcarr@aol.com
    3. Guerra, Delin / IRRT Staff Liason
    4. Jusic, Jasmina / 435.615.5602 / jasmina.jusic@parkcity.org
    5. Mak, Lucas / 517.884.0822 / makw@mail.lib.msu.edu
    6. Molteni, Valeria / 408.808.2023 / Valeria.Molteni@sjsu.edu
    7. Pierce, Jeannette / Member Mentor / 773.508.2637 / jpierc2@luc.edu
  6. Link to final project content
    1. IRRT Free Links - http://sites.google.com/site/irrtfreelinks/