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Information Literacy Coordinating Committee Outcomes

Draft Outcomes:  ACRL IL Coordinating Committee

The ACRL Information Literacy Coordinating committee leads and coordinates the association’s information literacy efforts.  The committee collaborates with all ACRL committees, task forces, and organizational units to assure the following association outcomes regarding information literacy are met:


1. Lead strategic initiatives in order to transform higher education through the avenue of information literacy.

2. Advocate externally for the importance of information literacy in order to influence local, national, and international conversations and actions.

3. Publish and disseminate research and literature regarding the impact and strategies of information literacy in order to demonstrate the role of information literacy and the librarian in student success.

4. Connect research to practice in order to identify best practices and influence teaching/learning actions in higher education.

5. Catalyze creativity and innovation with instruction and information literacy in order to influence teaching/learning actions throughout higher education.

6.Develop professional development resources and activities in order to support members’ growth with teaching/learning and implementing information literacy.

7. Create information literacy standards in order to establish clear learning outcomes for students in an information world.

8. Foster a collaborative culture and organizational structure in order to ensure maximum member access and involvement.