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Nancy Dickinson's picture

Volunteer for committees

Attention, Region IV! I need your help! I am on the Appointments Committee, and we are currently trying to help Nancy Everhart with her appointments for next year. I need for all of you to send out an email asking for volunteers from your state. Please send me the names and email addresses of anyone who shows interest in serving on an AASL committee.

I need these names ASAP (we had some communication problems on the committee, or, at least, I did anyway). Please send out an email on your listserv and ask for replies by Monday, if possible.

Thank you! We already know we have lots of volunteers from Region IV!


Kelly Brannock (non-member)'s picture

I've got someone who would be a great prospect, but she's wondering what committees are available.  Can you shed any light on this?  Thanks!



Kelly Brannock

Consultant for Continuing Education
State Library of North Carolina

(919) 807-7416


Nancy Dickinson's picture

Kelly, I couldn't really say which committees are available. Nancy Everhart makes the appointments and I don't know which committees she has already completed. But what I will need any prospective member to do is to sign in to the AASL website, complete the volunteer form at https://www.ala.org/template.cfm?template=/cfapps/committee/volunteerfor... and indicate which committees are of interest. In the past, I was told that often first-timers are appointed to award committees, and the work is done virtually. Of course, any committee appointment can be refused if the committee work is not of interest to the appointee.

I hope this answers your question somewhat. And thanks for asking.


Nancy Dickinson, Librarian
Hillsboro ES
284 Winchester Hwy.
Hillsboro, TN 37342