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ALA 2010 Program: "What Is Your Library Doing about Emerging Technologies?"

What Is Your Library Doing about Emerging Technologies?

Date/Time: June 26, Saturday, 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Location: Washington Convention Center -103B

Panel Program Slides with discussion topics

A new job title of “Emerging Technology Librarian” seems to reflect an awareness among today’s libraries that there is a need for a librarians whose main role is to explore, evaluate, promote, and implement various emerging technologies.  19 librarians in different fields of librarianship at academic, school, and public libraries will discuss the topic of emerging technologies at libraries, their evaluation, implementation, adoption, and management challenges.  Come join us!

Panel Moderator:

  • Bohyun Kim, Digital Access Librarian, Florida International University

Topics and Panelists:

(1) What are emerging technologies and how they need to be adapted for libraries? 

  • Elisabeth Leonard, Associate Dean for Library Services, Western Carolina University
  • Frank Cervone, Vice Chancellor for Information Services, Purdue University Calumet
  • Peter Murray, Assistant Director, New Service Development, OhioLINK

(2) Daily tasks of and skills required for emerging technologies librarians 

  • Amanda Margis, Web Services Children's Librarian ,Warren-Newport Public Library
  • Danielle Whren Johnson, Digital Access Librarian, Loyola/Notre Dame Library
  • Darcy Del Bosque, Emerging Technologies Librarian, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Elisabeth Abarbanel, School Librarian, Brentwood School, Los Angeles
  • Rebekah Kilzer, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Drexel University Libraries

(3) Challenges and management issues in emerging technology projects 

  • Cynthia Johnson, Head of Reference, University of California, Irvine
  • Jacquelyn Erdman, Web Services Librarian, East Carolina University
  • Kathryn Munson, Assistant Access Services Librarian, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Marissa Ball, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Florida International University

(4) Emerging technology implementation and lessons learned 

  • David Ratledge, Associate Professor & Head, Library Technology Services, University of Tennessee
  • Gwen Evans, Coordinator, Library Information and Emerging Technologies, Bowling Green State University
  • Rebecca K. Miller, College Librarian for the Sciences, Virginia Tech


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My reply is this : a continuing education course "Emerging Technologies in Libraries"http://www.netvibes.com/emergingtechnologiesinlibraries 
Any comments, suggestions additions to keep this up to date?best regards,Guus van den Brekel (DIGICMB)


Guus van den Brekel bio-medical information specialist on the muve. The Web, Social and Virtual Networks for Health and Medicine. 'The Infectious Library' http://www.netvibes.com/digicmb