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Thomas Adamich's picture

Current status of category reviews needed to update activity log + Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Connections

Hi, Everyone:

...Hope the final days of the school year are going well for all of you.  Please respond either via this forum or e-mail to the following:

1. Please send a status report of what you've edited on the Essential Links wiki so I can add to my Excel spreadsheet log. 

2. Let me know what you think about contacting Stephanie Book and those associated with the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning to extract and cross-promote some of their resources in Essential Links.  Here are the categories of their resources:

  • Organizing and Managing
  • Content Collaboration
  • Curriculum Sharing
  • Media Sharing
  • Virtual Environments
  • Social Networking and Communication
  • Also, take a look at their press kit: http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/aasl/guidelinesandstandards/bestlist/bestwebsitespresskit.cfm

    3. Let me know if we need to adjust the timeline on any of the following:

    Goal Dates summaryMarch - Kick off editorial board work, finalize policies and procedures, assign responsibility areasApril - Clean up EL, identify gap areasMay - Finish clean up EL, and send content/link requests on gap areas to appropriate committee chairsAugust - Edit content submissions from committees and post to ELSeptember - Work with Staff to support marketing effort, and continue maintenance of wikiCassandra Barnett promised to facilitate one of the following; I will not be at Annual, so let me know which of the other two options you'd prefer:Fro

    Melissa Jacobsen (staff)'s picture

    Hi, Tom and all -

    I really need to be the staff contact for your group. I know that Stephanie filled in during my maternity leave, but I'm sure she is itching to give back these responsibilities and I am fully ready to take these back. Sadly, it has taken me too long to get to the point where I feel comfortable enough to take this back, but I need to jump in ready or not.

    Also, I am the liaison to the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Committee and would be more than happy to start a conversation with them about cross-promoting their resources in EL.

    I am excited to meet everyone at Annual and am grateful to all of you for reviving this project. I know it will be great! Please send me any questions or concerns and I'll work on getting them answered or cleared up ASAP.



    Melissa B. Jacobsen, Manager, Professional Development, American Association of School Librarians (AASL), a division of the American Library Association (ALA) mjacobsen@ala.org

    Janice V. Hardy's picture


    I'm finally on ALA Connect but I am totally lost as to how to get started with the looking at the wiki and making any changes... Any help you or others can provide will be most appreciated!


    P.S. Please use my home email instead of my work address - thanks!

    Janice Hardy
    URL: http://fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us/~janice_v_hardy

    Thomas Adamich's picture

    Hi, Janice:

    ...Hope all is well.  Here's the message I sent to you 4 June:

    Hi, Janice:

    Thanks for your message and continued efforts.  Here's the link to the wiki - http://aasl.ala.org/essentiallinks/index.php?title=Main_Page .  You'll need to set up an account to edit; I've cc'd Melissa to provide guidance/feedback with respect to that process.

    I have a teleconference with Melissa at 10:30 AM EST today (4 June).  If you receive this message and have some content/concept thoughts you'd like to share (or when you interact with Melissa regarding the wiki), please do so.

    I think we're making great progress (in spite of the fact that we lost members and had to try to figure out new ways to market a great resource that always just seemed to, in my opinion, be a passive tool rather than an active one).

    Talk to you soon; take care.


    If you're still having problems, please try to access and review the style sheet: http://aasl.ala.org/essentiallinks/images/b/b3/EditinginMediaWiki.pdf ; also, please feel free to contact Melissa.  She's the wiki manager and webmaster.

    When you have a chance, please let me know the status of your efforts; talk to you soon.  Enjoy your 4 July holiday!



    Tom Adamich, MLS President Visiting Librarian Service P.O. Box 932 New Philadelphia, OH 44663 330-364-4410 vls@tusco.net