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Is there an agenda yet for the OSS IG meeting in D.C.?

Has anyone posted an agenda for the IG meeting this summer? At midwinter I had volunteered to serve as chair (since the previous chair was resigning), but I haven't heard anything since, and I gather from the ala.org web site that Karen Schneider is the current chair (which is fine with me). 

Just thought I'd ask in case there's anything I can do to help.

/ Daniel

S.G. Ranti Junus's picture

As far as I know, no agenda yet. Perhaps you could distribute one?

I could think of a couple:

- review/evaluate the preconference. 

- what's next (seems to be an obvious agenda item). :-) 




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  1. There is no OSSIG meeting room or time set iin the Official ALA Annual Calendar
  2. People talked about doing an OSSIG business meeting right after an OSIG sponsored event at Annual
    1. Not sure if this was right after the OSSIG pre-conference
    2. OSSIG should decide this soon
  3. KGS seems to be the current Chair (09-10?)
  4. Midwinter 09 minutes (in an OSSIG-L email dated7/22/09) suggest "JCH" would be chair-elect?

[dons IG Coordinator hat]

I'd like to encourage folks to step up and choose when & where to do an OSSIG business meeting at Annual - I'll be around, but my schedule should not impact OSSIGs decisions...

[doffs IG Coordinator hat]

*suggests immedeately after OSSIG PreConference as an option*


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-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian

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Thanks for responding, Ranti and Aaron. I guess I should sign up on the ossig mailing list (if non-LITA people are allowed). Maybe a more promising place to submit agenda ideas.

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I found an obsolete version of the discussion list here: ossig. But no luck locating the current server. If someone could sign me up I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!@listserv.arizona.edu

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Hi Daniel,

Check this one from LITA website:





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Thanks, Ranti.